BMW i7 Trademark is Kept Alive For a While Longer

Last week we found out that BMW was taking steps to keep its dibs on the i9 name. Now, the Bavarian company is doing the same with the i7 nameplate.

Perplexingly, the i7 name was once rumored to be taking over from the i9 – the former was meant to be a compact, spacious EV, while latter was supposed to be a huge luxury vehicle. With both names in the mix, BMW’s future plans remain unclear.

What is clear, though, is that BMW wants to make 12 electric vehicles before 2025, so it likely isn’t eager to give up its hold on any names that could apply to an EV.

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BMW has revealed that it is working on an electric sedan called the Vision i Dynamics. So far, the automaker has only revealed that it will ride on the KLAR platform and will hit dealer floors in 2021.

Most reports have argued that the Vision i Dynamics will take the i5 or i4 names, but with BMW’s recent round of trademarks, the future may not be so clear.

A version of this story originally appeared on Bimmerfest

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