You Can Now Buy a First Generation Formula E Car


Electric car and motorsport fans should scrape their change together. The first-generation Formula E race cars are now for sale.

The cars made their inaugural debut in 2014 in the FIA-sanctioned Formula E motorsport and the cars will now head off to retirement as the second-generation racers ready for the 2018/2019 season. Formula E commissioned the 40 electric race cars for $18.2 million and leased them to teams, Bloomberg reports. Formula E isn’t actively listing the cars for sale, but news has spread via word of mouth.

Formula E, 01 Hong Kong 2017/2018

According to the report, each car is valued somewhere between $200,000 and $289,000 now. However, value will likely focus on winning cars and sentiment since each car features a standardized chassis and battery, per regulations.

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The original race cars will likely be remembered as the start of a new motorsport era, Formula E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag, said.

“I think people will look back on this era of racing with fond memories,” he said. “It was the beginning of something special.”

For the 2018/2019 season, the second-generation electric race cars feature the latest battery technology. The cars will now compete in a 45-minute-long timed race rather than a 40-lap outing. The first-generation racers featured battery technology that was unable to hold a full charge for the 40-lap race, which led to car swaps halfway through the event. The second-generation cars will complete the race without a swap.

renault formula e

It’s unclear who Formula E will sell the cars to, but Agag said collectors may be interested in the racers, which could still be put to use in motorsport. He added some teams have approached the entity to hold onto their original racers as well.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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