How BlackShadow Motors Can Get You That Lotus You’ve Always Wanted

Buying a used sports car can be a process fraught with uncertainty and doubt, and concerns mount exponentially the rarer and more exotic that sports car is.

Unlike buying a used commuter vehicle, used sports cars have numerous additional considerations for discerning shoppers—including the quality of the vehicle, how comprehensively and continually it was cared for by past owners, whether or not it’s been involved in a wreck, and how well it will maintain its resale value as an investment for years to come.

If you’re shopping for a niche sports car—something rare and special and uncommon—additional concerns take the spotlight. Are parts still available to maintain and repair the vehicle? When does it need servicing, and who can tackle the work? Are all previous repairs of high quality? Is the vehicle a good investment, or has it been left worn and depleted by years of abuse and neglect?

There’s no shortage of worry when it comes to buying a used exotic sports car—though BlackShadow Motors is working to help discriminating enthusiasts access some of the world’s foremost attainable exotic cars without the worry and hassle.

A division of InoKinetic Group, LLC, BlackShadow Motors focuses on world-class restorations, customizations, and service of premium used vehicles. To meet the demands of their customers, they deploy the services of a team of skilled auto enthusiasts with over 75 years of combined experience in the niche sports car scene.

Based in Murrieta, California, BlackShadow Motors takes their name from the iconic Vincent BlackShadow motorcycle—though they’ve been leaders in sports car restoration since 2003, and have developed a particular specialty with Lotus vehicles, namely the Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige models.

Lotus Exige

For decades, and across seven Formula 1 Championships, Lotus’s guiding ideology has always been simple: deliver pure driving pleasure and performance through lightweight engineering, and an absolutely uncontaminated relationship between the driver and the road.

Most of today’s sports cars are heavy, unnecessarily bulky, and packed with high levels of electronic intervention that dilutes that relationship. Accordingly, used Lotus models are increasing in popularity as a way to access a taste of pure performance motoring as it was originally intended.

The analog drive characteristic of Lotus sports cars is in high demand, though the availability of used Lotus models is declining. As such, BlackShadow has become the go-to operation for shoppers seeking a second-hand Lotus with no guesswork, no hassle, and no uncertainty.

BlackShadow Motors are specialists in providing shoppers with used Lotus models of the highest quality on the planet. All units on offer are fully inspected and prepared by a team of experienced Lotus enthusiasts, and each car goes through the BlackShadow’s 111renew Restoration Service. Customers can also specify various upgrades and tweaks as part of a restoration process, allowing them to customize their vehicle to their specific needs, tastes, lifestyle, and budget

Simply, Lotus makes the world’s purest sports cars, and BlackShadow Motors makes the world’s best used Lotuses.

Best of all, unlike buying privately or from a dealer inexperienced with Lotus products, all units to pass through BlackShadow’s operations have been inspected, tested, refurbished and restored to the highest quality standards—all by skilled enthusiasts familiar and experienced with the passionate preservation of the brand’s products.

Further, as many Lotus models are used frequently in a motorsports setting, BlackShadow shoppers can take confidence in the restoration and inspection processes, as they ensure that all maintenance and servicing is meticulously up to date. This is vital to the long-term durability of the vehicle, preservation of its original driving experience in full, and a hassle-free ownership.

It also enhances the vehicle from a longevity standpoint, as properly-maintained Lotus models often surpass 200,000 miles of use.

BlackShadow Lotus models are also a fantastic investment. All signs point to a growth in used Lotus pricing as demand increases alongside reduced supply. Should a shopper choose to switch to another model, or sell their Lotus in years to come, the cachet of a used Lotus that’s been restored and customized by BlackShadow will ensure maximum return on investment.

Shoppers considering first-time or ongoing Lotus ownership, whether as a daily-driver, weekend track-day car, or some combination of the two, can take confidence in BlackShadow’s experience and professionalism in sourcing, restoring, customizing and servicing their pride and joy. They run each car through this extensive 60-point Preparation Checklist here.

With a first-class copy of a second-hand Lotus sports car, and the built-in assurance of BlackShadow’s 111renew Restoration Service, owners can focus on following their passions and creating outstanding motoring memories.

But BlackShadow Motors is a destination for shoppers of other specialty sports-car models, too. Though the company is renown for their work on Lotus restoration, they’ve got years of experience with cars from Ariel, BAC, Alfa, Jaguar, Drakan, and the Ford GT as well.