Hyundai Patents Sun Visor With Built-In Traffic Lights

Hyundai Patents Sun Visor With Built-In Traffic Lights

Hyundai/Kia has filed a patent application for a sun visor with a small, built-in traffic light.

The sun visor features a front-facing camera and a mini traffic light on the rear just to the right of the vanity mirror. The camera records the status of a traffic light, with a computer then processing the camera data and displaying the correct light on the back of the visor. The idea is that you’ll still be able to easily see if a light is red, yellow or green, even if your sun visor is down and obstructing your view of the light. The system would also use GPS and map data to locate traffic lights and ensure the vehicle is at an intersection with a traffic light.

“When the sun visor is in use, the sun visor is located close to the eyes of the driver, thereby interrupting the driver’s visibility and, accordingly, the driver needs to bend his body or move to another location to verify a traffic light at an intersection,” the patent application says. As such, this technology will enable a driver to “determine a signal of a traffic light located in front of the vehicle without an effort, even when the visibility of a driver is interrupted by the sun visor while the sun visor is in use.”

Such a system may seem like it has limited use, but in addition to helping to view the light with the sun visor down, it could also be useful in the event that a traffic light is out of the driver’s sight – like those that are mounted off to the side of the road or obstructed by an object.

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We think this system could be particularly helpful for those who are in their cars very frequently and who drive in cities often, so in other words, taxi drivers. Uber and Lyft drivers may also appreciate such technology – anything that makes the task of driving easier during those long workdays, right?

This technology also seems as though it would be relatively inexpensive to implement, making it a realistic add-on for Hyundai and Kia’s budget-minded buyers. Whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, though.

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