The Weirdest Car Accessories We Found on

Amazon can be a great place to shop for accessories or upgrades to customize and improve your vehicle. Here’s a look at some of the weirdest car accessories on

Many are useful, most have a reasonable purpose. Some are quirky but functional. But there are some things that live on the outside of interesting, just beyond quirky. These car accessories really don’t serve any purpose, some take customizations so deep into tacky territory they carry a passport. There’s not much good advice here, but there may be a good laugh. Somebody thought these were a good vehicle accessory, and someone else agreed enough to buy them.

This first one is likely more popular than it should be, but you’ll probably have seen them around town. Many car owners enjoy adding character to their cars by turning them into characters themselves. Or, as your old English teacher might say, they’re personifying their cars. Not content with plain headlights? Why not give them eyelashes? Simple eyelashes aren’t enough, then CarLashes Ombre shaded car eyelashes have some extra pizazz. Universal fit for most cars and trucks, this special edition version is rated a solid 10 by Amazon buyers.weirdest car accessories

Mits aren’t just for your ears anymore. If your vehicle had ears, they might be the side mirrors. Keep those mirrors, or ears, warm and cozy in the winter with IceScreen Mirror Mitz. Fits most makes and models. Includes a pull string and security tab which, according to the product description, should prevent jealous people from taking them for their own.

weirdest car accessories

Car tents aren’t a new thing, or all that strange. In fact, many OEMs offer tailgate-mounted tents as accessories. But sometimes tents are best off the ground. For the truly adventurous, why not mount your tent on top of your car. Fitting to most vehicle’s roof racks, Camco’s Vehicle Roof Top tent includes a comfy memory foam mattress and sleeps three comfortably. Get more living space with the added Annex. Can be fitted to any side of the vehicle. Ladder not included.weirdest car accessories

There are lots of ways to customize and improve the interior of your vehicle. Visual improvements can really add a personal touch to your vehicle and even improve on what it was. But then there are others, like the Geekercity 3D DIY Automobile Molding. This five-meter long rubber strip adds colour to the lines where the OEM didn’t. Rated for internal and exterior use, the seller recommends 15-meters of DIY Molding to get the job done.

weirdest car accessories

When it’s time to bling, don’t forget the most important place: right around the push-button start. Add shine to the most important button in your vehicle with the Chrystal Bling Ring Emblem Sticker. Even the name is full of bling.

weirdest car accessories

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