2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Adds Off-Road Cruise Control

Set to arrive dealerships in late 2018, the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor gains a new feature called Trail Control.

This new innovation acts a bit like cruise control for off-road driving, as it manages throttle and braking on the F-150 Raptor so drivers can focus on steering through off-road conditions. The feature can be activated at speeds from 1 mph to 20 mph, and the Raptor is the only pickup that offers the ability to operate Trail Control in 4×4 modes.

Designed to make off-roading in the Raptor more fun, Trail Control can also help overcome steep obstacles since it automatically directs torque to each wheel, while braking smoothly to bring the truck down on the other side. The system can also help dig the truck out if it gets stuck in extreme sand.

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Along with the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor, Trail Control will also be offered on the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger, which is scheduled to arrive dealerships early next year.

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