Almost Every Porsche Will be an EV by 2027 – Except for the 911

Almost Every Porsche Will be an EV by 2027 – Except for the 911

By 2027, nearly every vehicle Porsche makes will be fully electric – except for the performance-focused 911.

According to German publication Manager Magazin, Porsche wants its lineup to mostly consist of EVs in less than 10 years, with only the 911 set to retain its internal combustion engine. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume is allegedly leading this charge, with the 50 year-old executive believing it would be too expensive to simultaneously develop a range of electric motors and gasoline engines.

Porsche told The Drive that Manager Magazin‘s report was “pure speculation,” when it asked for comment on the matter, but even if the timeline is incorrect, it’s clear that Porsche is betting big on electric cars. It’s currently working on its first-ever production EV, the Taycan sedan, and will put the vehicle on sale next year. The automaker also announced yesterday that it’s phasing out diesels in favor of plug-in hybrids, with its plug-in sales accelerating and its diesel sales taking a dip.

“By 2025, every second new Porsche vehicle could have an electric drive – either hybrid or purely electric,” the automaker said, also adding that it’s “concentrating on optimised internal combustion engines,” and that “purist, emotional and powerful sports cars will thus continue to play an important role in the Porsche product portfolio.”

The Cayman and Boxster are likely to keep its internal combustion engine for quite some time, but Porsche has already shown off a fully electric version of the sports car. The automaker brought the concept only Cayman E-volution out to last year’s Electric Vehicle Symposium in Germany, which could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.3s and boasted an estimated range of 124 miles. Porsche is open to the idea of a fully electric Cayman and Boxster, then, although we’re definitely hoping they stay gas powered for as long as possible.

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A plug-in hybrid version of the 911 is allegedly on the way as well, which will be based on the new ‘992’ generation 911. The 991 911 is expected to debut sometime in 2019.

The Panamera, Macan and Cayenne (or their eventual replacements) will also keep their internal combustion engines for quite some time, but will eventually become electric vehicles only, the report indicates. Porsche’s aggressive push for electrification will truly take off when the Taycan EV hits the market next year. The sedan will put offerings like the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model S squarely in its crosshairs with over 300 miles of range, 600 hp and 800V fast charging. A price tag of around $85,00 is expected.

[Source: Manager Magazin via The Drive]

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