You Can Actually Buy the Goofy Honda S660 Neo Classic in Japan


The strangely modified Honda S660 you see above may seem like the work of some crazed Japanese tuning shop, but it’s actually an official Honda product. The S660 Neo Classic, as it’s called, was first introduced as a concept car last year, but Honda Japan has now decided to actually produce the thing. There is one catch, however. Japanese consumers won’t be able to just waltz into their nearest Honda dealer and buy one. Honda will sell the S660 and the Neo Classic body kit separately, but we imagine the dealership will perform the conversion. According to Jalopnik, the kit costs the equivalent of $11,700 USD.

A diagram provided by Honda, which is embedded below, shows all of the parts and panels the Neo Classic kit will come with. As you can see, it replaces nearly all of the S660’s body panels apart from the doors.

Honda has designed the S660 Neo Classic to look like the S500 sports car – Honda’s first-ever production car and only its second production automobile. The S660 is mid-engine whereas the S500 is front-engine, so the Neo Classic doesn’t look much like an S500, but we can see where they tried to draw the inspiration from.

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In case you were wondering, the S660 is powered by a 660cc three-cylinder turbo making 63 hp and 77 lb-ft of torque. Both six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions are on offer, with power being sent to the rear wheels.

We definitely won’t be getting the S660 Neo Classic in North America, but all is not lost if you want a retro-inspired, modern-day Honda. It’s unlikely, but we just may one day receive production versions of the vintage-look Urban EV or Sports EV concepts.

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