Ferrari SUV to Launch by 2022 at the Latest

Ferrari SUV to Launch by 2022 at the Latest

The Ferrari SUV will launch by 2022 at the latest, according to a new report from Reuters.

The vehicle, referred to internally as the Purosangue (which means thoroughbred in Italian), will appear toward the end of Ferrari’s newly announced future product plan. A total of 15 new vehicles will come to market between now and 2022 under the plan, including hybrid supercars and special edition models like the SP1 and SP2 Monza.

Little is known about Ferrari’s first-ever utility vehicle, but it’s believed that it will be a hybrid and will be much more performance focused than rivals like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Lamborghini Urus. The utility vehicle will help Ferrari attract new customers in growing markets like China and will also help the automaker boost its profit margins – something shareholders have been pressing for.

During a presentation made today outlining the automaker’s future product plan, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri, said he hates hearing Ferrari’s name associated with an SUV. The automaker will press on with the vehicle anyway, though, as the now publically traded company looks to keep investors happy and continue its strong upward sales trajectory.

Camilleri also said that 100 percent of its sports cars will go hybrid by 2021. That means that all of its future performance-oriented models from here on out, like the eventual replacement for the 488 GTB, will be electrified. Luxurious GT models, like the GTC4Lusso or Portofino, may stay combustion engine only for quite some time, however, with only 60 percent of Ferrari’s full lineup expected to be hybrids by 2022. The automaker is also committed to keeping its venerable V12 around for as long as possible and will continue its development of the engine.

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Ferrari may be working on a pure electric supercar as well. When asked during today’s presentation if it is currently developing an EV, Camilleri simply replied “that’s a fair characterization,”  according to Financial Times reporter Peter Campbell. How it plans on solving the issue of making EVs fun to drive and sound good is yet to be seen, but if there’s anyone that can pull it off, it’s probably Ferrari.

It will be interesting to watch Ferrari explore new avenues as it begins developing pure electric tech and rolls out its first-ever SUV. Maranello is certainly going to be a busy place over the next four years or so.

[Source: Reuters]

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