Acura ILX vs. Audi A3


It’s the Acura ILX vs. Audi A3 in this entertaining car comparison.

Bradley Hasemeyer gets behind the wheel of both vehicles at the track to help inform your next compact sport sedan purchase. He puts the sedans head-to-head, assessing key shopping considerations like: styling, power, handling, technology, driver’s assistance features, and more.

Watch below for the Acura ILX vs. Audi A3 comparison.

3 responses to “Acura ILX vs. Audi A3”

  1. DAVID GEDDES says:

    What a joke of a test. A 3 minute video. Wow. The ILX is consistently one of the top most regretted car purchases. Some lipstick on a dated Civic chassis is not in the same league as an A3.

  2. DAVID GEDDES says:

    This “comprehensive” test was sponsored by, you guessed it, Acura! Way to go, Bradley Hasemeyer, with your journalistic integrity!

  3. K.C. says:

    I strongly dislike AG staff doing these commercials. Also winner of this compact sports car comparison should be the Honda Civic Si and VW GTi, both for having more horsepower and manual transmissions STANDARD.