Here Comes the Very Large BMW X7 and Its Very Large Grille

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

BMW’s first ever X7 is finally here. After months of preparing us with risible concepts and veiled shots that the press has been mean about, we can finally see the X7 in its entirety. And yeah. It looks pretty much like we expected.

Is it big? Oh boy, is it. Apart from owning the largest kidney grille ever fitted at the factory, it’s 5,151 mm long, 2,000 mm wide, and 1,805 mm tall. That makes this thing is only about an inch shorter than, two inches slimmer, and a few inches shorter than a Hummer H2.

Great! Will it off-road? BMW thinks so because it has given the X7 air suspensions at both axles to raise you up like Josh Groban and get you over any hazards on (or off) the road.

It’s also got modes. So many modes! With the optional off-road package you get xSand, xGravel, xRocks, and xSnow modes. All in a car that rolls on nothing less than 20s and can be fitted with 22-inch light-alloy wheels.

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As you might have guessed from the size of the wheels, the X7 is probably better suited to driving around the higher-rent parts of the city.

Coming standard with three rows, it has no fewer than four climate zones and up to five. Vernasca leather trim is also standard and the second row can either contain two or three seats. BMW wants to entice you with a pair of captains chairs that it calls “comfort seats” in the press release. That’s great, but also, what are its other seats?

Up front, you get BMW’s latest operating system (BMW Operating System 7.0, which will apparently be upgradable over the air) for your informational and entertainment needs. Live cockpit also comes standard, as does a 12.3-inch touch screen.

Not only can you touch your screen to input commands, you can yell them at your car and it will listen. That’s thanks to BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which you can also speak to in a reasonable tone of voice, and will make the adjustments you request.

And if just yelling at your car and lording over traffic doesn’t make you feel powerful enough, how about wielding the power of lasers? That’s right, optional on the X7 are BMW Laserlights! (LEDs comes as standard).

And since you might be carting your kids around in this voluminous SUV, it also comes with BMW’s full suite of “driver assistance systems.” Active cruise control (with stop and go) Driving Assistant Professional with steering and lane control assistant, Lance Change warning (isn’t that just a signal?), Wrong-way warning, Crossing traffic warning, evasion aid, and more are all available on the X7.

Prices aren’t yet available, but the X7 will come in in xDrive40i and xDrive50i (also with diesel drivelines in some markets) which come with BMW’s now familiar I6 or V8.

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Sebastien Bell
Sebastien Bell

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