Is This The Perfect Affordable Car Geek Starter Set?

Before the kids get to an age where they can tell the difference between a MINI Cooper and a Bugatti Chiron (but after 3 to avoid choking hazard risks), there’s nothing wrong with throwing a nondescript toy car set into the mix.

Sure, Hot Wheels has always been the go-to, but this hefty set of 18 cars complete with toy hauler makes a fair bit of sense given its sub-$20 price tag. The kids will appreciate the broad assortment of colorful rides—including silhouettes not too far off the mark of a Mustang, 911, Corvette, Camaro, Huracan, and others. Parents on the other hand will be happy to see that the larger hauler has compartments for all the different parts of the set, giving them the faintest hope of their little one’s toys being properly stowed away after play time.

Of course, if you’re too much of a diehard Hot Wheels fan (and we won’t fault you if you are), you aren’t out of options. The Hot Wheels store on has a good number of starter packs like this 10-car set, equally capable of putting a smile on the face of your child, niece, nephew or other little one you’re looking to share your automotive obsession with.

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