Smart ForEase Concept Aims to Make City Driving Fun

The Smart ForEase Concept has been presented ahead of the 2018 Paris Motor Show this week.

The ForEase Concept follows in the footsteps of two other speedster-style Smart vehicles: the Smart Crossblade and the Smart ForSpeed Concept. Smart says the concept embodies the brand’s ethos of ‘reduce to the max’ and looks to make driving fun even at low speed or in the city center. You don’t have to have a race-derived chassis and huge amounts of power to have fun, Smart believes.

“The Smart ForEase embodies a refreshingly simple form of driving fun in the city, standing for urban electric mobility without compromise – because, if in doubt, smart always opts for a consistent approach,” said Smart boss Katrin Adt. “The result is a sustainable driving experience built on freedom.”

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The ForEase is powered by the same 80 hp electric motor and 17.6 kWh battery pack as the production-ready Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. The presence of this earth-friendly powertrain is accentuated by the “stream green” accents both outside the vehicle and in. Joining the bright green accents is a metallic white exterior color and white interior upholstery and trim. It also gets a unique steering wheel that sort of reminds us of a racecar’s wheel with its missing top/middle section.

We doubt anything like the Smart ForEase will ever reach production – but never say never. After all, this is the same brand that put the roofless and windshield-less Crossblade into production, so crazier things have certainly happened.

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