Tesla’s $45k Model 3 Mid Range Now Costs $46k

Last week, Elon Musk surprised the automotive industry by releasing a new $45,000 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range with 260 miles of range.

Now the automaker has another surprise for us: the $45,000 Model 3 Mid Range has had its price raised by $1,000 to $46,000. This change comes not even seven days after the Mid Range Model 3 was first announced.

At the same time, the automaker reduced the price of the Long Range Model 3 Dual Motor by $1,000. That version of the electric luxury compact now costs $53,000 instead of $54,000.

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It’s not clear why Tesla has decided to once again re-jig the Model 3’s prices. Many customers are still waiting for the standard Model 3, which largely helped to fuel demand for the vehicle due its attractive $35,000 starting price. The entry-level model is expected to go on sale in 4-6 months.

Tesla also removed the ‘Full Self Driving’ option from the Model 3’s order menu last week, with Musk saying the option was “causing too much confusion.” Tesla charged owners the equivalent of $8,000 to add Full Self Driving to their vehicles ($5,000 for Advanced Autopilot, $3,000 for FSD). The option is expected to be re-added to the Model 3 menu at a later date, although it’s not clear when this may be.

[Source: Reuters/Autoblog]

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