Tuner Puts the Least Interesting Part of the Ford GT Into a GT40


The Ford GT is a wonderful thing. A barely concealed race car on the road that helped Ford get a class win at Le Mans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GT40’s first Le Mans win. It has earned adoration for almost every aspect of its construction.


While everyone concedes that Ford’s EcoBoost V6 is a fine engine that performs its duties admirably, no one really loves it. It lacks the heart, the monstrous orchestral drama of the original’s V8(s).

So what better way to celebrate the Ecoboost V6’s dubious exploits than to stick it into a reproduction GT40?

That’s exactly what Superformance is doing with the “Future GT Forty” that it will show off at the Magnaflow booth at SEMA later this month.

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The “Future GT Forty” is based on Superformance’s continuation GT40. The company is the only one licensed by SAFIR GT40 Parts, which own the original GT40’s trademarks, and two thirds of its chassis parts are interchangeable with the original GT40. As a result, the engine was “swapped” in by V’s Performance, in Orange, California.

Magnaflow fabricated an exhaust setup for the car, while Honeywell-Garrett handled the turbos.

It also has a Centerforce clutch, a Ridetech Shockwave air suspension, Dynamat sound insulation, a Quaife 5-speed transaxle, and more.

Painted in the Ford GT’s current livery, Superformance says that, like the Ford GT, the “Future GT Forty” is made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GT40’s 1968 Le Mans victory.

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B r says:

Boo. Bring back the V8! And keep the manua alive!