TRIFECTA Performance Gives us a Reason to Want a Chevrolet Cruze

TRIFECTA Performance is transforming grocery-getters into mean machines at the touch of a button.

This Seattle, WA-based tuning firm has cranked up the performance and fun factor of this typically average and understated car by up to 44 horsepower and 51 lb-ft of torque out of its diminutive 1.4L turbo 4-cylinder engine. Not only that, the car still runs on 87 octane and requires no physical modifications to achieve their advertised gains on an otherwise stock car.

How is this magic made possible? TRIFECTA specializes in the craft of taking the most average of commuter cars, trucks, and SUVs, analyzing every facet of how they perform and uses programming tools they’ve built in-house to take the driving experience to the next level.

Trifecta Performance

TRIFECTA begins with a stock Cruze and re-programs the engine computer(s) to improve horsepower, fuel economy, and driving dynamics, making the car behave more like a “sport compact,” instead of a run-of-the-mill economy car.

When it comes to modifications, from intakes and exhausts to upgraded turbochargers, TRIFECTA has protocols for supporting hardware which take the hassle out of custom tuning. How? They mod their own cars and develop plug-and-play calibrations for those parts. If there’s an aftermarket part out there for the Cruze, there’s probably already a tune developed specifically for it!

Trifecta Performance

TRIFECTA also offers some totally custom and exclusive features – like changing performance modes at the touch of the Cruise Control button. By “listening” for the arming state of the cruise control system, distinct “Economy” and “Sport” modes can be activated, delivering a totally different experience on-the-fly, even at wide open throttle! (“Go!” button anyone??) They call this feature “Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes”, and is an optional feature that is available on the majority of the cars they tune.

Trifecta Performance

Owners of vehicles with GM’s controversial “Auto Stop” technology, which turns off the engine when the vehicle is stopped, then turns it on again when driver input is detected, can take control of it via the DSVM feature as well, or ask for it to be turned off altogether. Auto Stop? Off!

Trifecta Performance

How can you get your car TRIFECTA tuned? If you have the requisite Windows 8.1 or greater laptop needed for installation, you can purchase a tune from You’ll receive an interface cable and some stickers in the mail, and they will email you the files you need along with instructions on how to get the car flashed. If you need help with the install, they have friendly support staff standing by to assist!

Trifecta Performance

TRIFECTA Performance has been tuning the Chevrolet Cruze since 2010 and offers calibration products for most late-model GM vehicles.

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