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November 23, 2018
| On 3 years ago

Why Airframe® Wireless from Kenu Might Just Be the Best Wireless Car Charger

The folks at Kenu have created one of the highest-quality charging mounts on the market: the Airframe® Wireless charging vent mount.

One of the most popular and most useful accessories you can add to your car is a mount for your smartphone. While many manufacturers are offering cubbies to stash your phone away, most second-hand cars don’t. If you’re one of the countless drivers who make use of their phone for navigation, finding a mount that puts your phone in the right place can be tricky. One that attaches to your car’s vents may be the ideal solution. 

There’s another bit of tech in many modern smartphones you may not know about or have only heard about: wireless charging. In a nutshell, wireless charging allows you to recharge your phone by holding it to a specially designed flat surface. No wires to plug in. Less magic and more science, it creates a short-range electromagnetic field that transfers charge from the base to a compatible phone. The industry standard, known as Qi, has been adopted by all the major companies and found in hundreds of smartphone models.

There are big advantages to wireless charging technology when matched with a vent mount. You don’t have to go through the fuss of plugging and unplugging your phone every time you drive, and no more worries about a dead battery when you arrive because you forgot. Kenu Airframe Wireless is an easy-to-use mount that has been designed to securely fit the vents in most cars, trucks, and SUVs. The extra-wide phone grips have stainless steel supports for durability. It’s been engineered with high-quality internal components, premium materials, and was designed in San Francisco, California. 

If you’re streaming music, using a map to navigate and have a W-Fi hotspot enabled, the power demand on a phone can be high. The Kenu Airframe® Wireless meets the Qi quick-charge standard and can provide up to 10-watts of power, quickly charging any Qi wireless-charging enabled smartphone, including the new Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and the Samsung Galaxy S9. It even charges through cases up to 3mm thick.


Airframe® Wireless ships with a powerful 12V DC car adapter which has two USB ports: a Quick Charge 3.0 port used by the wireless charger, plus a 2.4-amp USB port for a friend.

The Kenu Airframe® Wireless is a premium product, and they make sure the engineering and materials match that. It’s one of the few phone mounts on the market with a limited two-year warranty. The wireless charge base has protection against overheating, and it has foreign object detection in case there’s any metal between the phone and charger. Passive venting on the back keeps the Airframe Wireless cool. If your car’s vents don’t quite work, there is a version which attaches using a suction cup called the Airbase®Wireless.