A Chinese media site has published a quote from an engineering researcher at Hunan University that ratchets the rhetoric up to eleven. From the site:

“It is an incredibly high score considering the ordeals it had to go through,” said Song Kai, an associate researcher specialising in automobile structural fatigue at the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering at Hunan University in central China.

“In the military proving ground, a vehicle can age 10 times faster than in a normal environment,” said Song, who was not involved in the BJ80 project. “If the result is correct, the vehicle might have passed the entire reliability test with only two or three failures. For a mass production model, it is almost a miracle.”

For now, your author will reserve that particular word for advances in medicine, not tests of off-road trucks.

China produced more than 29 million motor vehicles last year, equivalent to the number built by the United States, Japan, Germany and India combined, according to a Paris-based outfit that tracks those types of numbers.