Looking For a Last Minute Gift? These New Smartphone Car Mounts Might Be Perfect

Looking For a Last Minute Gift? These New Smartphone Car Mounts Might Be Perfect

There are a lot of different kinds of mounts on the market today, but here’s how Kenu smartphone mounts set themselves apart. And why they’re perfect last minute gifts.

For people without LCD screens or built-in navigation system, keeping your phone mounted may be a low-cost alternative to a GPS unit. It’s also a great way to go hands-free. Kenu’s collection of phone mounts are built using premium materials and backed by great customer service. Here’s a look at the top 5.

Kenu Airframe Pro

Small, compact and lightweight; this is the flagship smartphone mount offered by Kenu. The spring-loaded jaws have been widened by 8% to fit the latest and largest phones, like the iPhone XS Max or Galaxy 9 Note. They’re even wide enough that they should hold a phone encased in a thick protection cover, like something from Otterbox. A pivoting joint lets you find just the right angle to display, and there aren’t any lock rings to awkwardly loosen or tighten. The Airframe Pro attaches easily to the air vents in most vehicles and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Kenu Airbase Pro

The Airbase Pro by Kenu has the same spring-loaded jaws and pivoting joint features as the Airframe Pro. The difference is the suction-cup base. Instead of clipping onto an air vent, it uses a suction cup to attach to most dashboards and windshields. If the suction-cups lose some of their stickiness, simply give the adhesive gel a rinse under water and then dry. The Airbase Pro uses the same premium materials as all Kenu mounts and features a limited lifetime warranty.

Kenu Airframe Magnetic

Featuring a compact but strong magnetic base, the Airframe Magnetic lets you quickly connect and disconnect your phone. Gone are the days of peeling broken device plates off your phone. Made from 0.4mm spring steel, the Airframe Magnetic’s device plate is virtually unbreakable, giving it great reusability. There are six rare-earth magnets arranged in an oval pattern on the base. They create a high magnetic attraction, holding your phone securely. The Airframe Magnetic uses the same universal vent clip as other Kenu Airframe products, and features the same limited lifetime warranty. There’s also a suction-cup base version available called Airbase Wireless.

Kenu Airframe Wireless

The Airframe Wireless smartphone mount can provide an impressive 10-watts of charging power to any phone which supports the Qi-wireless charging standard. No more cords to connect for power. Simply place phone between the spring-loaded jaws and your phone starts charging. The Airframe Wireless has enough power to keep your phone charged while streaming music and using navigation. Passive cooling keeps the surface from overheating while foreign object detection keeps things like keys or coins from damaging the charge pad. A universal clip mounts the Airframe Wireless to your air vents. There’s also a suction-cup base version available called Airbase Wireless.

Kenu Airvue

Turn any headrest into a rear-seat entertainment system with the Airvue tablet mount. This is one of the easiest to install headrest mounts. The composite curve mounts snap into place onto most headrest posts, and the spring-loaded jaws expand to fit most tablets on the market; even with their protective cases on. An easy 360-degree swivel joint lets you quickly rotate from portrait to landscape.

Any good car accessory should disappear into the background when you use them. Kenu do just that, thanks to their quality construction and attractive design. Kenu believes car accessories should be made as well as the cars they’re in, and they stand behind their products with great service and lifetime warranties. Make the move to hands-free driving with one of these Kenu mounts.

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