5 Things a Lamborghini Urus Can Do That a ‘Regular’ Lambo Can’t

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The middle of a polar vortex in the dead of a Canadian winter is typically the worst time for Lamborghinis.

Conditions like this are the most inhospitable for the Huracans and Aventadors of the North, so these exotic supercars generally don’t see the light of day for months at a time. They remain snuggled up under a fancy car cover in the most luxurious temperature-controlled garages, most rarely ever seeing a hard day’s work. But the Urus isn’t a “regular” Lamborghini, and the foot-deep snow, sloppy roads, potholed winter asphalt, and frigid temperatures actually make perfect conditions for the Italian automaker’s new SUV.

Because you already know that the Urus is undisputably fast and capable both on the track and off-road, here are five things this Urus “super SUV” can do that a regular Lamborghini simply can’t.

1. Drive in the Snow

This polar vortex dumped about a foot of snow where I live and this Urus handled it just fine, with zero drama or sketchy moments. I would never in hell drive a Huracan or Aventador around in foot-deep snow with salt staining every surface it can touch. Not only could it be a really expensive and embarrassing mistake, but it would also be a massive disservice to be so abusive to something so exotic and purpose-built for speed.

With AWD and massive 22-inch winter tires, the Urus is a BEAST in the snow — it just powers through the snow like it’s not even there. There’s also a snow mode that helps you get through the really deep stuff and the high ground clearance means you’re not going to be using your bumper to plow through. 

Lamborghini Urus-Snow-Lai-Winter tires

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2. Parking Ramps and Steep Driveways

The last time I drove a Huracan, there was no way it would make it down the parking ramp at my office’s underground garage without scraping the bumper or breaking the front splitter right off. The Urus has an air suspension that gives it a maximum of 9.8 inches of ground clearance, so going up and down the ramp wasn’t even an issue. With the Urus, you don’t have to ease over speed bumps, inch up driveways on an angle, or look at any uneven pavement as if it was Mount Everest. This makes it a lot less stressful to drive — it’s go-anywhere attitude really helps a driver feel assured that destruction isn’t lurking everywhere they go.

3. It Has a Real Trunk

Lamborghini Urus-Snow-Lai-34

The last time I had a Huracan, the front trunk was also so small and wasn’t able to fit a week’s worth of groceries in it. I also wanted to grab some takeout pizza and had nowhere to put it, so my passenger just had to burn his legs to hold the box on his lap. This Urus doesn’t have that problem.

The Urus has 21.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk and if you got the Urus that holds three people in the rear instead of two like the one we drove, you can fold down the rear seats to get 56.4 cubic feet, which is plenty of room for all your stuff.

Besides having room for all your stuff, the Urus can also hold four or five people. Try doing that with a Huracan.

4. Assist You with Driving

Lamborghini Urus-Snow-Lai-06

The Urus does something no other Lamborghini can: It’s capable of Level 2 autonomous driving. The Urus is the first Lamborghini to come with all the driver assistants and luxuries like adaptive cruise control, front collision warning and mitigation, lane centering, and steering assist. 

Other useful features in the Urus and not other Lambos include a top-down 360-degree camera, a 3D display of the car and its surroundings, head up display, night vision, four-wheel steering (other Lambos actually have this as well), massaging seats and more. The Urus also has wireless charging for your phone and will even remind you if you’re about to leave without taking your phone out of the charger.

This just scratches the surface of all the innovative technology in here, and I haven’t even mentioned the engine yet, a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 with 640 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. It gets to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. You shouldn’t be surprised that the Urus is a technological marvel. 

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Lamborghini Urus-Snow-Lai-Phone charger

5. Coddle You

The Urus coddles you as a driver in a way other Lamborghinis just can’t, and it has a lot to do with that “go-anywhere” ethos I mentioned before — this could be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on what you want from a vehicle. Every time I get into other Lamborghinis or any other supercar for that matter, there’s a little bit of fear there. I want a supercar to scare me a little bit because that’s what makes it so exciting — something so purpose-built for speed is always a bit scary. And the Urus just doesn’t make me tingle in the same way. 

I obviously think this is an incredible car — there’s nothing out there you can convincingly track and off-road on the same day. The Urus is powerful and fast, so refined, well engineered, exclusive, and nearly perfect in every way, but it just doesn’t start a fire in me as much as other Lamborghinis and it’s just not as dramatic and I want something that costs this much to be. There are a lot of people who think Lamborghinis should have at least 10 cylinders and doors that go up and I can understand the justifications for that argument. This Urus is almost too easy to drive, and I think that makes it less fun. I think that if anything is too easy, it can’t be that rewarding.

The Verdict: Lamborghini Urus 

This is the most practical Lamborghini to date, and all of this is to say that you can most definitely use the Urus as a daily driver, which I would be very hesitant to do with a Huracan or Aventador. The Urus might be the most well-rounded car ever — it does anything you could ever want it to do, and it does it with grace, confidence, and style. 

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Video by Brett Colpitts