February 6, 2019
| On 3 years ago

Ram Introduces 60:40 Barn Door Tailgate for the 1500

Not to be outdone by GMC, Ram is introducing its own Multifunction Tailgate for the 1500. This one is a little simpler, though. Ram has added a set of hinges and split the tailgate to let you open it like a pair of barn doors.

The tailgate is divided asymmetrically, just right of the badge. The 60/40 splitting tailgate is unique among pickups and allows you to get closer to the bed when you’re loading heavy items.

An optional center step attached to the bumper should also make climbing in and out of the bed easier.

You can even swing the doors open even when you’re towing, says Ram. Each side swings 88 degrees.

Naturally, you can still fold the tailgate down in the traditional way, but you can’t fold down one side independently of the other for some reason. But Ram says that it’s still strong enough to hold 2,000 lbs.

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The multifunction tailgate will cost $995 and the center step will cost another $295.

Despite the snowy pictures, you’ll have to wait until the spring before you can buy a Ram equipped with the multifunction tailgate.