How Pelican Parts is Your One-Stop Shop and DIY Partner

How Pelican Parts is Your One-Stop Shop and DIY Partner

Having a neighbor who has a lot of car DIY knowledge can be a valuable thing.

Being able to pop over with simple questions about parts, how to install them or even simple maintenance can go a long way to build your DIY skills. There’s a place online that owners of premium European cars can get that kind of advice. That kind of neighbor is personified in Pelican Parts, which has grown into a one-stop shop for Genuine, OE and aftermarket parts, DIY guidance and community. Owners of Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Mini, Saab, and Volvo cars can browse a catalog with over 2 million part numbers, chat with fellow owners and learn or share maintenance tips.

Founded by two enthusiasts while tinkering with their cars, Pelican Parts has made itself a one-stop shop for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels. Doing some early-season upgrades or maintenance? Pelican Parts will have the OE, Genuine or aftermarket replacements you’ll need for those jobs. The parts catalog should be a single source for any garage DIYer, saving the time you’d spend looking across multiple parts stores.

Probably one of the best aspects of Pelican Parts is the community they’ve built. Because their mission has been not just to sell parts, but also to build a community, there are forums dedicated to the brands they serve, as well as quarterly events like their Coffee & Cars with Pelican; which attracts hundreds of cars each time. The main forum at Pelican Parts,, specializes in premium European brands, like Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, Volvo, and Saab. Own a Mercedes? Head over to for a community of owners with DIY expertise and tips to share. Porsche Boxster and Cayman owners have a home all their own at No matter your destination, each forum is full of helpful advice, upgrade tips and DIY maintenance how-tos created by people who love their cars as much as you do.

While visiting Pelican Parts, check out one of their most popular, and potentially most useful, parts. The Quickjack (find it at is a handy portable lifting system that’s durable and easy to use. It stores easily in the trunk of your car. It quickly lifts your vehicle, making roadside or garage maintenance hassle-free.

BMW or MINI owners should take note of the favorite Schwaben Pro Scan Tool, available at Pelican Parts (find it at The Schwaben Pro Scan Tool is an essential tool in any DIYers kit, giving you access to OE-level diagnostics, troubleshooting, and other specialized needs. You should be able to quickly get to the bottom of check engine lights or ODBII/EOBD faults.

The Schwaben Pro Scan Tool

If you’ve ever wished you had a garage tinkering DIY expert next door, Pelican Parts is better still. With a parts catalog featuring over 2-million part numbers, active communities for a variety of premium European makes, extensive, easy to read tech guides; Pelican Parts is truly a one-stop shop for any at-home mechanic with a passion for their car.

Head on over to and join in on the fun!

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