Why It's Time To Upgrade to USA-Made PUTCO LED Lighting

AutoGuide.com Staff
by AutoGuide.com Staff

If you’re like me, your OEM lights just aren’t cutting it anymore. Or maybe it’s time to add a little style with some custom LED lighting. Either way, when you’ve made the decision to upgrade, Putco makes the next step easier.

Over the last decade, LED lighting has come way down in price, which has opened the door for all kinds of replacements for older style halogen bulbs. While the market gets bigger one maker stands apart from the rest. Putco has been manufacturing high-quality accessories for cars, trucks, and SUVs for over 50 years. In this time, a great deal of research and development have gone into LED lighting, which includes everything from state-of-the-art headlight kits to direct fit LED badges, many of which are manufactured, designed or assembled at their facility located here in the U.S.

PUTCO Nitro-Lux™ LED headlight kits

With an ever-expanding list of accessories for your vehicles, it can be a challenge to know exactly where to start. When it comes to my trucks, the first thing on my list is improving down road visibility. Putco’s unique Nitro-Lux™ LED bulb features a patented woven heat sink with an integrated anti-flicker circuit built directly into the driver. The patented heat sink provides superior heat dissipation, fits in the limited space available in most modern headlight housing and is a solid-state design which means no moving parts and minimal parts failure. The Nitro Lux headlight kit is the culmination of all the experience and technological developments learned from previous generations of LED headlight kits wrapped into one cutting edge bulb. If you’re swapping out your headlight bulbs take a step to the next level and get the best kits available.

PUTCO LumaCore™ LED Bulbs

Upgrading OEM bulbs doesn’t stop with the headlights for this truck up-fitter. Brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights are just as crucial and easy to replace. Putco’s LumaCore™ LED bulbs are a new and affordable option with a few added features that work with their existing plug and play resistor kits to prevent error codes after install. For a little extra roadside safety Putco added Quick Pulse LED’s to the LumaCore™ line-up which flash 3 times after engaging your brakes then stay on to simulate warning taps that so many drivers already do when coming to a stop or slowing in dense traffic. The lightning-fast signal response makes this new product a must have.

PUTCO Blade LED Tailgate light bars

While we’re working our way around the back end of a vehicle, I have got to mention the Blade® series light bars. These aftermarket additions are really popular on mid and full-size trucks for a good reason. They look great, and provide extra visibility when braking, signaling, or throwing it in reverse. The chip on board light bar has over 2,000 LED’s on the 60” version which kicks out 3,000 lumens of illumination, that’s Bright with a capital B. This Blade light bar is available in 3 different sizes 60”, 48”, and 36” in red/white/amber or red/white color options. Both the Blade® and Red Blade™ are IP69K rated and are backed by a stellar warranty program.

PUTCO Luminix® LED Ford Emblems

Now I’m going to step away from the realm of OEM upgrades to tip my hat to some Putco® LED products that are just plain cool. If you’re a Ford owner, this is a must-have… These badge replacements are carefully designed to guarantee a seamless fit and install directly off the OEM badge mounts. This also means they’ve undergone the rigorous testing to ensure there is zero moisture or dirt ingression (unlike some cheaper options being pushed under the radar). The emblems are equipped to function with or without a camera and lens washing packages. While they do add extra visibility on the road this more of a head turner than anything. Front and rear emblems are sold separately.

PUTCO® Luminix® High Power LED Fog Lights

Putco® offers a comprehensive series of LED options under its popular Luminix® flagship brand. This includes straight and curved aluminum light bars milled from solid billet 6061 aluminum, potted with Putco’s proprietary 2-part epoxy, all made here in the USA. Of the wide variety of mounting solutions, one of my favorites is their direct fit fog lights. The LED fog lights are equipped with OEM connectors and utilize existing fog lamp housing for a seamless look and straight forward installation. The black anodized finish gives it a sleek custom appearance while the 1,200-lumen output delivers a clean 6000K light perfect for cutting through fog. It’s the perfect melding of performance, functionality, and style… three traits that keep me coming back to Putco for my next LED install.

AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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