Cadillac Super Cruise Expands to Cover 70,000 More Miles of Road

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

Owners of the Cadillac CT6 will soon be able to use Super Cruise on more than 200,000 miles of American and Canadian roadways.

The free update will be added to the brand’s unique driver assistance technology in the fourth quarter of 2019 and will include a software update. It will require drivers to visit their nearest dealership but will mean more than just additional miles of availability.

Cadillac has improved Super Cruise to perform better in a range of ways. Along with smoother steering and speed changes, the new system allows the car to move to one side of a lane to give large vehicles (like 18-wheelers) a wider berth.

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The idea is to make Super Cruise drive more like you would and to prevent drivers from getting spooked by the function.

The 70,000 new miles of roadway will also include new hurdles that the system will have to negotiate. Although still exclusive to divided highways, some of the newly added roads will include railway crossings, pedestrian crossings, and even stop signs.

In these cases, the system will require that the driver retake control of the vehicle. It won’t require the driver to retake control at uncontrolled crossings (highway crossings without over or underpasses), at blinking yellow traffic signals, nor when emergency vehicles are present.

“We are constantly working to make Super Cruise the most beneficial system for our customers,” said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer. “Expanding our offering of compatible highways will allow people the ease and convenience of traveling hands-free more often.”

Cadillac has also expanded the range of messages Super Cruise can give its drivers. A total of 15 new messages, delivered through the gauge cluster, will let drivers know what’s going on with it or why Super Cruise is unavailable at a given time.

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Sebastien Bell
Sebastien Bell

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