Watch the Live Debut of the Next-Generation, Mid-Engine Corvette Right Here

Tonight Chevrolet is looking to introduce its next-generation Corvette. Yes, that one, with the mid-mounted engine and the super-car profile. That’s happening TONIGHT!

And while we’ll have a whole round up of the debut and all the details about the eighth-generation ‘vette posted up soon after the event, you also have a chance to watch the whole show from beginning to end.

“There is a large contingent of Corvette fans across the world waiting for the reveal of the Next Generation. We’re happy to give these fans, and all sports car enthusiasts, a way to see and learn about the vehicle at the same time as those participating live in California,” said Barry Engle, executive vice president at GM. “Viewers will hear directly from Chevrolet leadership, engineering and some special guests about the highlights and background of this first mid-engine Corvette.”

Following the reveal of the new Corvette, the car will hit the road for two tours around the nation, helping to spread awareness on this new era of American performance car.

The tours will begin on the East and West Coasts will stop at over 125 dealerships across the country. Tour dates and cities will be available starting on July 19.

Back to this live stream though. Check back here at around 7:50 PM PDT (10:50 EDT) to catch all the news as it happens.

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