Two to Tango: Ford Introduces FX2 Package for Ranger

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

It might not be the Raptor for which we’ve been clamoring, but fans of the Blue Oval brand who want an off-road look without breaking the bank by popping for a 4×4. Sure, most hardcore wheelers turn up their nose at two-wheel drive trucks but the reality is that it is unnecessary for a wide swath of the country.

Ford knows this and has decided to roll out a FX2 package for the Ranger pickup. Priced at just $595, the option includes a laundry list of items generally found on FX4 models – except for the four-wheel drive, of course.

The FX2 includes an electronic-locking rear differential and off-road-tuned suspension plus a front underbody guard and air dam-delete. The latter two, when paired with 17- or available 18-inch off-road tires, will give the FX2 a much more aggro appearance than any other two-wheel drive Ranger on the lot.

Aimed at urban markets, the decision to offer this package was made when Ford realized that Ranger buyers were selecting the other appearance packages en masse. The compnay claims that two in every three buyers opt for a Sport Appearance Package, Chrome Appearance Package, or STX Appearance Package. By tossing this into the mix, Ford is assuring itself that not much money is being left on the table.

The FX2 Package is available for $595 (excluding taxes) and can be ordered at dealers now. No mention is made of other packages – such as 301A or Sport Appearance – being a prerequisite to selecting the FX2, which is very good news. Deliveries are expected later this year.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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