SLiPLO Bumper Lip Protector Is Here to Guard Your Car From Driveway Scrapes

SLiPLO Bumper Lip Protector Is Here to Guard Your Car From Driveway Scrapes

No matter how low or modded your car may be, we all know the sound: that scraping, grinding noise of plastic on asphalt or concrete. Not only does it make everyone in the car cringe, it also does damage, sometimes significant, to the underside of your front or rear bumpers.

If you’ve dropped money on a custom bumper, protecting your investment is of the utmost importance. Or maybe you’ve got a high-end car with an OE kit that needs protecting from speed bumps and low curbs. Either way, there’s a solution: SLiPLO offers a unique, universal skid plate you can use to protect the underside of your bumpers and make that horrible scraping noise (and accompanying scuff marks) a thing of the past.

Company founders Andy and Dean Soleimani had been wrapping and protecting cars in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years when they first came up with the idea to craft a simple, elegant solution for that all-too-familiar problem. Together, they were looking to create a product that could protect bumpers from steep driveways, speed bumps, and other road hazards. It needed to be easy to install, too – since drilling into your bumper sort of defeats the purpose of protecting it from dings in the first place.

Four years of R&D later, and the SLiPLO universal skid plate was born, a durable product that promises up to 50% less surface friction. That means less contact with the ground, and a lot less of that awful scraping noise if it does happen.

Better yet, it’s extremely easy to install for even the most amateur DIY’ers, and application is a breeze: SLiPLO is a custom bumper protection solution that installs without the need for drills or paint-damaging glue. Using a strong 3M adhesive, you can mount the bumper protector to any prepared surface, while a universal-fit system means the same SLiPLO skid plate could be installed on nearly all makes and models with little fuss.

The install itself is perfectly straightforward, but in case you run into any questions, the company has provided a simple DIY tutorial video, along with detailed instructions available on their site.

And if you’d still prefer leaving your SLiPLO install to the pros, there’s a network of authorized installers across North America that will happily do it for you – you can find one near you by visiting the company’s website.

A modular system, the SLiPLO skid plate gives you the flexibility to cover as much or as little of the bumper as you want. You can also expand the skid plate to protect rockers and other high-impact areas. And if durability is a concern, every SLiPLO skid plate comes backed by a 10-year warranty.

So if you’ve been looking for a quick and easy solution to protect your car’s bumpers and other impact zones, SLiPLO is worth a look. The ultimate bumper lip protector kit, they’ve created what should be a long-lasting, durable, and customizable solution for most cars – all with a simple, drill-free install, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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