Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars of 2019

These 2019s are some of our favorite-looking machines.

There’s no right, wrong, worst, or best way to define beauty—and in most cases, we know something is beautiful by the way it catches our eye, draws our stares, or persuades us to look more closely.

When it comes to attracting attention, gratifying closer examination, and stirring the sense of sight, we figure the following list of machinery are among the very best, at least on this side of Powerball money.

bmw m4 cs

Model: BMW M4

Why: With its menacing stance and confident face, the BMW M4 is a popular performance car for a variety of reasons—and styling is high on the list. The M4 is nothing other than a BMW from a mere glance, and the flowing lines and smooth silhouette punch up the two-door flair.

Upgraded styling elements reflect the high-performance intentions of this machine, without excessive flashiness. The M4 looks as at home in the office parking lot as it does at the race-track, and new drivers can expect plenty of approving nods.

Don’t Miss: The signature M4 styling touches. These include a subtle power bulge in the hood, enlarged fascia vents, larger wheels and brakes, and quad exhaust at the rear. The colorful BMW ‘M’ badge is applied throughout.

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2018 lexus lc 500

Model: Lexus LC

Why: Few cars for the money are as immediately striking, and unapologetically beautiful, as the Lexus LC. Concept-level sculpting and lighting elements combine with a welded-to-the-road stance, resulting in a demanding presence on the road.

Lighter paint colors draw more detail and contrast from the bodywork, for added flair. At once classy, elegant and athletic, we figure the LC will go down in the history books as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Truly, this one’s a rolling piece of artwork, as much as a world-class luxury coupe.

Don’t Miss: The interior. Combining famous Lexus build quality with a style that’s just as distinctive as the body, the LC’s cabin will wow drivers (and lucky passengers) for years to come.

Model: Genesis G90

Why: The Genesis G90 is built to challenge far pricier flagship sedans from automakers around the globe, and the look of Korea’s foremost luxury car is a fresh and daring new face, in a sea of familiar shapes.

You won’t miss this one coming down the road: regal lines and the G90’s generous size convey a luxury-first look, and the designers specified no shortage of unique details and elements to draw the eyes closer.

You’ll first spot the grille, or the wheels. Both share a highly decorative mesh patterning, and immediately position the G90 as something exclusive and high-end. Metal accenting is tastefully restrained, dialing up the look without being shouty, and the careful arrangements of LED lighting elements draws out a distinctive after-dark visage.

Don’t Miss: That backside. It’s as modern and sleek as it gets, with LED lighting and chrome accenting flowing like liquid. Best? It proudly flaunts the word ‘GENESIS’ across the tail, declaring its identity via enlarged text, not a tiny badge.

Model: Infiniti Q60

Why: The Q60 is Infiniti’s most strikingly-styled production car to date, and a two-door coupe that intends to give shoppers relatively affordable access to a stirring look, and striking body. A two-door take on the Infiniti Q50 sedan, the Q60 Coupe offers shoppers comfort and performance that they can customize and control, all wrapped in a stellar-looking body.

Incorporating numerous modern design elements and Infiniti signature touches, the Q60 coupe is graceful, distinctive, and easy to spot. Details abound, including the extensive use of LED accent lighting, an integrated trunk-lid spoiler, and a uniquely-shaped window surround that helps accent the Q60’s curvaceous body.

To the cohesive looks, designers specified a poised stance and plenty of premium touches, making it hard to find a bad angle.

Don’t Miss: The side profile. The Q60’s silhouette looks athletic and high-end, and comes adorned with plenty of flowing sculpts that help catch and enhance reflections. Subtle touches, including the flat rear fascia, integrated rear spoiler, and deeply curvaceous character lines, add further rewards for your close inspection.

Model: Land Rover Range Rover

Why: Boasting a modern take on timeless proportions and style, the Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most beautifully-styled SUVs on the road. To its imposing size and generous proportions, designers specified nearly playful use of accenting and ornamentation, flush-mounted LED lighting, and a grille that’s distinctive without screaming for attention.

The roof is tall and long, and it visually terminates in a subtle rear roof spoiler that helps create a wind-swept look. A prominent aluminum-look slash runs down the side and bottom of the vehicle, creating additional poise and tension while tying the whole body together. Big wheels, large dual exhausts and a clean and modern design help drive further appeal for the shopper after a high-style SUV that doesn’t easily blend in.

Don’t Miss: The cabin. Ensuring that the show goes on even once occupants are buckled and boarded, the Range Rover’s interior is sopping with richness, thanks to the abundant use of high-end materials like wood, metal, and creamy leather that’s so fragrant, it leaves its scent on your clothing for hours. Like the body, Range Rover’s interior is clean, upscale, tidy, and unquestionably posh.

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Why: This compact executive sedan uses no shortage of passion in its design, and the result is a body that exudes a powerful presence on the road, and stands out wherever it goes. A boldly-sculpted hood flows seamlessly into the Giulia’s one-of-a-kind fascia, which identifies the car as nothing other than an Alfa Romeo, even at a distance.

Elsewhere, the body lets its shape do the talking: Giulia has a distinctively athletic and youthful look that puts the focus on the curves and lines, not the add-ons. The look is clean and premium, not flashy. We love the sporty dimensions that help make the Giulia look even smaller and spritelier, and the one-of-a-kind grille and wheels add further exclusivity. At the rear, prominent dual exhaust outlets hint at the Giulia’s performance capabilities.

Don’t Miss: The Quadrifolgio. This high-performing Giulia variant adds visual enhancements that communicate additional alertness and capability. Look for enlarged air openings and exhausts, special badging, and unique cosmetic tweaks that turn the dial to ‘11’ on the Giulia’s spirited and stylish looks.


Model: Audi A5

Why: The A5 might be Audi’s entry-level coupe, but the looks are anything but bottom of the line. With full deployment of Audi’s considerable design resources, the A5 Coupe’s body cleanly integrates dynamic sculpting, a graceful silhouette, and luxurious proportions. In typical Audi fashion, the after-dark lighting signature is a knockout, with plenty of vivid and animated LED accent lighting giving the A5’s identity away as it rolls along.

A dramatic and deep-cut belt-line helps tie the entire body together—running front to rear along each side of the A5, and picking up subtle curves in the body work along the way. For the money, this one’s hard to beat as either a driving machine, or a styling statement.

Don’t Miss: The selection. The A5 is offered in three body styles, and with three unique performance levels—each of which flaunts its own take on the A5’s signature looks.

Model: Hyundai Sonata

Why: In a shrinking sea of family sedans, the new Sonata fully embraces the latest and greatest from Hyundai’s design department. From just a quick look, the Sonata is something different—and that’s exactly the point. Dynamic and prominent, both front and rear fascias proudly display Hyundai’s identity, with prominent badging and a large ‘HYUNDAI’ text across the trunk where most other family sedans keep a tiny little badge, instead. That’s flanked by a set of LED taillights that wouldn’t look out of place in a big-dollar luxury sedan.

The daring metal belt-line adds further distinction, and strong vertical elements in the front grille exaggerate the visual width of the car, for a more substantial look. A big greenhouse hints at the spacious interior within, and the stance and silhouette give the Sonata a look that seems big on space, but free of bloat. Other subtle touches are applied to reward further inspection, too.

Few affordable sedans boast so many styling elements that work so well with one another.

Don’t Miss: The high-end add-ons. Sonata’s top-grade models come with additional styling touches including up-sized wheels, dual exhaust, a rear bumper splitter assembly, and a generous panoramic sunroof.

2018 Lincoln Navigator-2

Model: Lincoln Navigator

Why: Despite its nearly intimidating size, the Lincoln Navigator is a gentle-looking behemoth. The automaker’s largest SUV model offers shoppers an authentically luxurious and super-modern cabin, but the fun starts before you get on board.

Smooth and splendid, Navigator’s immense body features plenty of rounded edges and soft lines that help convey a relaxed and comfortable presence on the road. The prominent grille impresses first for its size, and second, for the finer details built into its mesh-finished visage.

From behind, Navigator is nothing but enormous—though the massive LED taillamp array is as nicely detailed as it is immense. Elsewhere, tasteful use of chrome accenting and unique wheel styles add further flagship flair to Lincoln’s biggest people mover. Few shoppers will be left wanting for more in terms of space and style.

Don’t Miss: The cabin. Designed to work hand in hand with the Navigator’s prominent sense of exterior style, the one-of-a-kind interior goes in its own direction, and was carefully crafted to draw attention from the tech-savvy luxury driver. Abundant wood trim, rich leather, and high-tech displays culminate in a relaxing but highly-connected atmosphere.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Model: Chevrolet Corvette C8

Why: Like the Hyundai Sonata further up the list, the new C8 earns a spot on our list for looks and presence that punch above its weight. With exotic proportions and no shortage of drama and tension dialled in, the world’s most affordable supercar also represents Chevrolet‘s forward-thinking take on modern performance car design.

The short nose and long rear bodywork proudly convey the C8’s new mid-engine setup, and numerous air intakes, vents, and aerodynamic implements are cleanly integrated within the angular bodywork. A menacing face and distinctive tail help fans identify the C8 from a quick glance, and the all-American V8 powerplant is proudly displayed beneath a transparent panel for all to see.

Contrasting color accenting adds further excitement, and designers have created an array of thin-spoke wheels, which proudly showcase the high-performance braking components beneath.

Don’t Miss: The driving position. The C8 driver is positioned smack in the middle of the car, just above the prominent door-mounted air intake for the engine behind them. The low nose and more substantial rear bodywork accommodate the mid-mounted engine, and mark the first major change to Corvette’s silhouette in many generations.

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