Black Magic Brakes Brings the Stopping Power for the Jeep Wrangler

Black Magic Brakes Brings the Stopping Power for the Jeep Wrangler

If you’ve done modifications to your Jeep Wrangler — like fitting larger tires, installing off-road armor, or adding weight in the form of other accessories, you’ve likely noticed your braking performance has taken a hit. Larger tires effectively reduce the mechanical advantage of your braking system, allowing the wheels to transmit more torque to the axle. While adding weight is, well, adding weight; the heavier the vehicle, the greater its momentum, and the longer it’ll take the braking system to convert that forward momentum into friction heat.

The good news is impaired braking performance is not something you “just have to live with,” and the folks at Black Magic Brakes are here to help by hooking you up with a Big Brake Kit that’s just right for your application. Launched in 2010, Black Magic Brakes doesn’t just cater to owners of the Jeep Wrangler; the store also carries products compatible with 1990s-era Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models, for example. But — and this is crucial — the Jeep Wrangler is the outfit’s specialty, so the discerning Wrangler owner can rest easy knowing they’re buying from a company that knows their vehicle inside and out.

Most popular are the company’s 15″ and 16″ Big Brake Kits, which are compatible with all TJ Jeep Wrangler models from 1990 through 2006. They work with the factory Dana 30 and 44 front axles, as well as RCV and Revolution Big U-Joint axles, with little to no modification, thanks to the included pre-machined steering knuckles. The kits ship with the aforementioned axles, 48 mm dual-piston front brake calipers, new rotors, Black Magic Brake pads, and all requisite mounting hardware. (And just in case that wasn’t enough, they also include a hat with each purchase.)

Those Black Magic Brake pads work a treat. While they were born and developed on the race track, where pad temperatures tend to run high, they manage to deliver exceptional cold bite — a rare combination. The result is a pad that delivers outstanding stopping power over a range of operating temperatures.

About the only modification necessary to fit these 15″ and 16″ Big Brake Kits is some mild grinding on the unit bearing flange to accommodate the rotor hat. If you’re not comfortable performing that procedure yourself, Black Magic Brakes also offers versions of these kits that include pre-machined unit bearings.

Own a 2007-or-later JK Jeep Wrangler? Don’t worry, Black Magic Brakes has you covered there as well. The outfit carries a JK Big Brake Kit in much the same vein as its TJ kits, with bigger 54 mm dual-piston front calipers, pads, mounting hardware, and a new OEM brake master cylinder.

The proprietor of Black Magic Brakes — who goes by “mrblaine” on the Jeep forums — has garnered a reputation as the “Brake Wizard,” volunteering Jeep brake advice to anyone in need. That expertise informs every product offered by Black Magic Brakes, and as the outfit’s website says, “They aren’t really magic, it just seems that way!”

Right now, you can take 7% off a 15″ or 16″ Big Brake Kit from Black Magic Brakes by entering the coupon code GEARED at checkout. That equates to more than $70 in savings off the purchase price, putting superior stopping power for your TJ Jeep Wrangler even more within reach. Click here to visit the Black Magic Brakes website for more.