2021 Genesis G80 Looks Way Stylish in First Official Images

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Genesis has teased the second-generation G80 luxury sedan, and we like what we see.

The G80 is the middle child of the brand’s three-car sedan lineup, and the oldest of them all. In fact, it predates the brand itself: it was the Hyundai Genesis, before the big G blossomed into its own brand in 2016. A new generation is coming this year, and based on the shadowy teasers Genesis released, it’s going to major on style.

Even in this first look, the design cues from the upcoming GV80 SUV and big brother G90 sedan are clear to see. The twin-line motif of those cars continues here, with the headlight DRLs aligning with the turn indicator/side vents and the taillights.

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“A relationship begins at first sight,” said Genesis’ head of design and senior VP Sang Yup Lee. “The distinctive ‘two lines’ signature of the Quadlamps presents a clear and unique Genesis identity within seconds. No matter what body type, sedan or SUV, the Quadlamps and Athletic Elegance design language present a distinctive brand identity.”

Genesis’ diamond-shaped grille is present and accounted for too. A character line stretches from the inner edge of the headlights right back to the rear lights, elegantly curving down as it heads to the back — also like the GV80. A small second line gives the rear haunches some definition. Oddly, the fuel filler cap is visible on the car’s left side in only one of the photos, with the main character line cutting right through it.

The G80’s proportions are extremely cab-rearward, with the base of the windshield not even starting until well after the front wheels. The roofline tapers down into a short rear deck, with a small kicked-up lip. The rear fascia is concave with two sets of thin LED lights. Yep, also like the GV80.

The interior naturally borrows from Genesis’ first SUV too, as they share the same platform. A large 14.5-inch screen perches up high, which drivers and passengers can operate via touch or the controller in the center console. The vents form a thin row right across the dashboard, which features open-pore wood. There are redundant climate controls below that. We’re big fans of the way the door design flows up and into the dashboard.

Genesis has used an unusual two-spoke (or is that single-bar?) wheel design here, differing slightly from the item in the GV80 but, at first glance, housing all the same features.

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And what will power the G80? Considering it shares its platform with the GV80, that vehicle’s turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 3.5-liter V6 are pretty sure bets. In fact, squint hard enough and you can just make out the “AWD 35T” badge on the trunk lid. So we can expect all-wheel drive to return, though warmer climes should also see a lighter rear-drive G80.

The G80 should arrive with many of the same tech and safety features as the GV80. That includes highway driving assist, a rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, driver attention alert and more. The high-rider’s active motion driver’s seat, which fights off driver fatigue, should make the trip too. Same goes for Genesis’ Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning, which can learn a driver’s style.

Genesis has said the G80 will debut this month. Stay tuned for more.

Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

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