Transform Dull, Ordinary Brake Calipers With MGP Caliper Covers

Let’s talk about your brake calipers. Chances are, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them, right?

But if you’ve ever seen those glossy, powder-coated calipers commonly worn by thoroughbred exotics, you know just how much a fetching set of calipers can do for a car’s appearance. Sleek, brightly-colored, and often adorned by an attractive, painted and engraved logo, these bits of automotive eye candy can’t help but draw attention.

Yet despite everything that a good-looking set of brake calipers can do to elevate a car’s appearance, most factory calipers come off the line with no dressing up whatsoever. Dull, drab, often unpainted, they’re just sort of there, humbly extending over the brake discs behind your wheels without doing your car’s looks any service.

That’s where MGP Caliper Covers comes in. Based out of San Diego, MGP Caliper Covers manufactures slick-looking covers that clip onto your car’s factory calipers and take their appearance to the next level. They’re vehicle-specific, ensuring a perfect fit over any set of OEM brake calipers, and they’re a breeze to install, slipping right over the caliper and attaching via a simple set of metal clips. Better still, they’re made of aerospace-grade 6061-T aluminum for next-level durability – not plastic, which is a very good thing in an application where lots of heat is involved.

A set of caliper covers can completely change your car's look.

But what’s really cool about MGP Caliper Covers is the amount of customization available to buyers. MGP offers a range of different heat-resistant powder-coating colors, which can be had with or without an engraved MGP logo — but in addition to that, customers can tweak the design however they see fit. That means choosing whether or not they want faux bolt heads engraved into the cover, selecting from a range of different licensed logos from automakers like Ford, GMC, Honda, and much more. You can even design and upload your own image for engraving, adding a whole nother level of customization, ensuring your car truly is one of a kind.

And for those of you considering going the DIY route to dress up your calipers, you might want to think again. Painting brake calipers is a route a lot of car owners take, but depending on your level of expertise, results can vary – a lot – and the effort required is significantly higher if you want a finish that actually lasts longer than a few spins around the block. Not only that, but most DIYers don’t really have the option of a perfectly-machined engraving, and if your calipers are of the two-piece “sliding” variety, there’s no mistaking them for anything but a basic, low-cost set of brakes, no matter what.

Compared to a DIY paint job, caliper covers are an easy way to upgrade your car's look.

Compared to a DIY job, MGP’s covers are much less effort to apply, and they’re built to last with a three-year manufacturer warranty. That’s not all, either: since they carry the added benefit of helping to keep brake dust at bay, the caliper covers help keep your wheels looking clean for longer. As a matter of fact, if you plan on upgrading your ride’s wheels in the near future, a set of brake caliper covers is almost essential — both to keep your wheels from getting coated with nasty brake dust, and to make sure that what’s behind your new wheels looks sharp enough to suit.

MGP Caliper Covers are available straight from the company’s website, and if you’ve got a custom design in mind and a new set of wheels on the way, we recommend putting your order in sooner rather than later — there’s a lead time on custom-designed orders, and you’re going to want these in your hands as soon as possible. Trust us.