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More than any other vehicle manufacturer, Tesla has redefined brand image in the 21st century, becoming not just another car company, but something closer to a lifestyle for its countless devoted fans. And really, it’s not surprising to see the company inspire such loyalty.

After all, Tesla is cool — from cutting-edge, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else technologies like Autopilot and Smart Summon, to its uniquely quirky nods to nerd culture. Things like hiding a (fictional) James Bond-inspired submarine mode in the Model S’s Air Suspension settings screen as an Easter Egg, or dubbing its most hardcore acceleration mode “Plaid Mode” as a reference to Spaceballs.

If you’re a Tesla owner, you know: you take tremendous pride in your ride, and you always want it to look, feel, and perform at its best. So, to help you out, we’ve partnered with our friends at MGP Caliper Covers to provide a list of some of the most impressive, slick-looking, and functional modifications you can deploy on your Tesla today. These mods range from handy, practical lifesavers that you’ll use every day to image-boosting styling tweaks whose only purpose is to look fly, covering a wide range of price points, so there’s something for everyone.

Pneumatic “Frunk” Struts

Ever wish you could fully open the lid to your front trunk (or “frunk”) at the push of a button? Wish no more. A company called Evannex has come up with this nifty pneumatic strut kit for the Tesla Model 3 that installs in all of ten minutes and fully raises the lid in one smooth motion for easy access. That’s a much-needed aid if you’re frequently juggling a kid and a few bags of groceries as you’re walking to your car.

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Performance Pedal Covers

These performance pedal covers come from the same folks who bought you the Model 3 pneumatic frunk lid strut kit, and they’re an upgrade you’ll notice each and every time you hop in for a drive. With a stylish brushed aluminum look that really pops, they also feature rubber grips to make sure your feet don’t slip off while you’re driving. There’s even an alloy dead pedal available, which helps keep grit and road salt out and keep your Tesla’s carpeting nice and clean.

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of Tesla’s most distinctive — and prized — features is its large center stack touchscreen – the interface for every conceivable function the vehicle has to offer, from its heating and cooling system to the adjustable air suspension (plus those aforementioned Easter Eggs). It’s a massively crucial component, and you’d do well to keep it protected. Hence this tempered glass screen protector, which is scratch-resistant, fingerprint-resistant and installs with minimal effort. There’s even a glare-reducing matte-finish option if you find the shine of the original glass to be a bit much.

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MGP Caliper Covers

Looking for an aftermarket Tesla upgrade you can really show off? Based out of San Diego, MGP Caliper Covers manufactures stylish, high-quality covers for brake calipers from a wide array of manufacturers – including Tesla – instantly elevating your brakes’ appearance while reducing brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer.

Formed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for added durability and heat protection, MGP Caliper Covers are built to last with a three-year manufacturer warranty. These aren’t some one-size-fits-all accessory, either. The caliper covers are vehicle-specific and made for your Tesla, ensuring a perfect fit over those OEM brake calipers. They’re also simple as can be to install, attaching via a set of metal clips.

Simply put, MGP Caliper Covers are the quickest, easiest way to add color and style behind your Tesla’s wheels, and give your brakes a more personalized touch. (Are you really going to spray paint the brakes on your high-priced EV? Really?)

The opportunities for customization are just about limitless, thanks to a multitude of color and finish options, licensed Tesla logo engravings — even the opportunity to mix your own custom color or upload a custom engraving. The sky’s the limit.

Your Tesla already stands out from other vehicles out on the road. Adding a set of MGP Caliper Covers will make it stand out from other Teslas as well.

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Illuminated “T” Emblem

If you’ve spent any time on the road lately, you’re likely to have seen plenty of opulent luxury cars with big, proud, backlit emblems — turns out, there’s an entire company built around offering the same option for you and your Tesla. Kits are available for both the front and rear “T” emblems, with multiple finishes — there’s even one to add back-lighting to the decklid “Tesla” script applique on the Model S and Model X. Because showing pride in your Tesla should never be contingent on whether the sun is up.

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Electric Tailgate

If there’s one thing that Tesla proves, it’s that everything’s better when you go electric. Case in point: this Electric Tailgate lift kit, which uses a pair of reliable electric struts that not only opens the rear trunk lid in one smooth sweep, but can also close it softly at the touch of a button. It even integrates nicely with the Tesla App, touchscreen, and key fob too, as well as Tesla’s available foot-activated Smart Open. You’ve got a premium car. Doesn’t it deserve some premium features?

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Interested in upgrading your Tesla? Visit the MGP Caliper Covers website for more. Staff Staff

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