Project CARS 3 Announced: Racing Sim Comes to PS4, XB1 and PC This Summer

The third iteration of the sim racing franchise launches later this summer for most platforms.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent a lot more time driving digitally than in the real world over the last few months. Good news then, as another title is coming in a few months: Project CARS 3.

The news came as a surprise for a few reasons. For starters, both Sony and Microsoft are readying their next-generation consoles for launch later this year, so a new racing title for existing platforms is an odd choice. Secondly, developer Slightly Mad Studios already has a racer pencilled in for summer: Fast & Furious Crossroads, an action-oriented arcade racer based off the popular movie franchise.

The Project CARS franchise has traditionally been more simulation-oriented. The launch trailer for PCARS3 suggests a more fun approach however, with an AMG GT R and Acura NSX engaging in plenty of gratuitous sliding and visceral close-quarters action. Developer SMS insists the deep simulation aspect is still present though—it’s simply moved towards a more inclusive approach to bring in driving fans of all skill and experience levels. To that end the British developer has revamped the controller handling for PCARS3, in addition to developing a new tire physics model.

In keeping with the added approachability, Project CARS 3 will feature a wholly new career mode, introducing in-game credits for players to buy and upgrade cars. Yes, like the Forza and Need for Speed franchises, Project CARS will now include performance upgrades. You’ll be able to upgrade your car on the outside too, including aftermarket wheels, aero parts, and a new livery editor.

Like every racing game, the cars are the stars here, and Project CARS 3 will include over 200 at launch. The biggest debut of the launch trailer is the Corvette C8.R, and we’ve also spotted the new-age Toyota Supra elsewhere. Expect a full list of rides closer to release. The track list is similarly huge, with SMS stating over 140 tracks from across the globe. New additions include Brazil’s Interlagos circuit, plus fantasy tracks from Shanghai and Tuscany. All of these tracks will feature changing time and weather, plus selectable seasons—a feature introduced in 2017’s Project CARS 2.

Revamped online multiplayer modes will now include a skill-matching aspect, pairing players of similar abilities together for closer racing. There will also be a rotating schedule of online challenges, now dubbed Rivals events.

Lastly, those on PC will be able to play PCARS3 at up to 12K resolution, and will be able to use VR. Nice.

Expect more info on Project CARS 3 over the coming months, ahead of its late summer release.