2021 Ford Bronco is Pure Off-Roading Love Starting At $29,995

Kshitij Sharma
by Kshitij Sharma
Will be available in 11 exclusive colors and 200 accessories options right from the factory.

It’s a big day for Ford and nothing, not even the new Jeep Rubicon V8 concept could undermine the reveal of probably the most anticipated nameplate of the year, the Bronco. And Ford has unveiled not one but two Broncos for two separate segments. Well, three if you count the two-door as a separate model and not a trim. The two and four-door Broncos are the hardcore purpose-built off-roaders set to go up against the Jeep Wranglers. The Bronco Sport on the other hand, will rival the likes of the Jeep Cherokee. More on that here.

Prices for the Bronco start from $29,995 for the base two-door version and bookings are currently open on the Ford website for $100.

We would love to discuss the design in detail and how the front fascia harks back to the original Bronco especially with the round headlamp setup and that almost upright windscreen. Not to mention the contrasting roof which will be available in white along with some very vibrant paint schemes for the body. But we are itching to dive straight into the off-roading geek-fest that is the 2021 Ford Bronco.

By the Power of Dearborn

Pre-production 2021 four-door Bronco Badlands in Cactus Gray with available Sasquatch(TM) off-road package.

Two engines will be available with the new Ford Bronco. It will come with the 2.3-liter inline-four turbocharged EcoBoost motor as standard. It will make 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of max torque which should be adequate for the two-door version. But it is likely that the four-door version will definitely make more sense with the 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 making 310 hp and 400 lb-ft of max torque.

If you’re a purist and never fail to make a case for manual gearboxes, then the 2.3-liter motor will be the only option for you. For it is the only engine that will be available with a 7-speed manual transmission and it will be 6+1 crawler gear setup. The bigger V6 will be available with the 10-speed automatic only. However, you can opt for the AT with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost as well.

The Trims and Sizes

With more than 200 factory-backed accessories available at launch, this 2021 Bronco two-door prototype shows how owners can personalize their SUV to get more out of their outdoor experiences. (Aftermarket accessories shown not available for sale. Prototype not representative of production vehicle.)

The Bronco twins will be available with seven trims as of now. To start off will be the Base ‘Bronco’ trim followed by the Big Bend, Black Diamond, and the Outer Banks, while the Wildtrak and Badlands will be the top two trims with more focus on off-road capability than anything else. Ford will also offer a First Edition Bronco but it will have a limited-production run.

As strange as it might sound, the overall size of the Bronco twins differs according to the trim. The longest Bromco four-door is the Badlands trim at 190.5 inches in length while the shortest (Base) measures 189.4 inches. However, the Wildtrak trim is the widest and tallest at 79.3 and 75.2 inches respectively. The wheelbase though at 116.1 inches for the four-door and 100.4 inches for the two-door is constant regardless of the trim. As for the two-door, again, Badlands stands the longest and widest and Wildtrak the tallest.

Let’s Get Geeky

The engine is only part of the package. What really affirms the Bronco as a true off-roader and a Jeep Wrangler rival is its high-end off-roading equipment. The standard transfer case will come with two-speed electronic shift-on-the-fly system while the optional one even integrates on-demand 4WD. We would give you the ratios but that would be a bit too geeky.

Moving on to the differentials, the Bronco will run an all-round Dana setup with Spicer locking differentials. And this is standard kit. It uses a solid axle at the rear while an independent setup with a locking diff setup is utilized for the front. In addition, the fully independent front setup also uses position-sensitive Bilstein dampers with coil-overs and as does the rear solid axle. In addition, the front suspension has 200mm of travel on the Base and 240mm on the Badlands trim while the rear suspension sports 215mm of travel on the Base and 261mm of travel on the Badlands trim.

Also, a critical part of its off-road prowess is the Bronco’s standard Terrain Management System with its G.O.A.T or Go Over Any Terrain modes. Drivers will be able to select between seven different modes namely, Normal Eco, Sport, Slippery and Sand, Baja for mud and ruts and Rock Crawl for some advanced off-road driving. Bronco’s Terrain Management System also includes Trail Control, low-speed cruise control for trail-driving.

The Broncos will offer three different wheel sizes and four different tire measurements. The 16-inch wheel will only be available with a 30-inc, 255 section tire. The 18-inch wheel will also be available with a 255 section tire albeit with a 32-inch diameter. The 17-inch wheel on the other hand, will be available with 32, 33, and 35-inch diameter tires with 255, 265, 285 and 315 sections respectively.

The four-door 2021 Bronco will have available removeable modular roof sections - left and right front panels, a full-width center panel and a rear section. Roof panels on both two- and four-door models can be easily removed by unlocking the latches from the interior to provide the largest overall open-top view in its class to take in the sunshine or to gaze at the stars at night. (Prototype not representative of production vehicle.)

A little caveat here though, Ford claims that the Bronco boasts of an approach angle of 29 degrees and a departure angle of 37.2 degrees. It also claims a class-leading ground clearance of 11.6 inches and a water fording height of 33.5 inches. While the numbers are true it is worth noting that they only hold true if the Bronco has the 35-inch tire.

As for safety, the roll cage features integrated curtain airbags while the AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control comes in as standard. The twins will also get an optional Ford Co-Pilot 360 driver assist technology and the Trailer Sway Control.

The Removables

Every Bronco comes with class-exclusive frameless doors that make them easier to remove than what competitors offer. On four-door 2021 Bronco models, all four doors can be stored onboard with protective door bags. Rear quarter windows are also removable, as shown in this four-door Bronco prototype and all will have exclusive cowl-mounted mirrors maintain sideview visibility when the doors are removed. (Prototype not representative of production vehicle.)

The Ford Bronco twins will be perfectly at home in the city as they will be in nature. Also, it comes with frameless doors and a removable three-step, four-part roof which will allow its occupants to get a little closer to nature should they so desire. It will also come with bags to stow away the doors and roof panels in so as to prevent them from being damaged.

In addition, four-door models will come with a soft-top as standard and will be available with both soft and hardtop together as well.

A Wear Resistant Interior

The instrument panel is inspired by the first-generation Bronco, with intuitive, clearly visible LED gauges and controls in this prototype version of the all-new 2021 Bronco four-door (not representative of production model). (Static display on private property with aftermarket accessories not available for sale.)

Like its chief rival the Jeep Wrangler, Ford will also offer the Bronco Twins with almost hoseable interiors. A few trims will feature rubberized floors with integrated drains to make flushing water and dirt out easier. The seats too are made from weather and mildew resistant materials and all switches will have silicone surrounds to prevent damage water and dirt. So not too different from the Wrangler then?

The instrument panel in the 2021 Ford Bronco two- and four-door models will be ready to install accessories like this prototype bring-your-own-device rack shown. (Prototype interior shown is not representative of production vehicle.

Well, not quite. Ford will offer over 200 accessories to build a Bronco that is unique to each customer. Then there is stuff like attachment points that run the width of the dashboard and can attach devices like GoPro cameras, navigation devices, and the driver’s phones as well. In addition, the Bronco will also offer a 12.0-inch SYNC4 infotainment system. It will come with over-the-air updates and will also offer a 360 degree camera view with off-road spotter views to better help drivers navigate tricky terrains and rock trails. It will also feature more than 1,000 curated trail maps by NeoTreks so you don’t need to scour Google for a good trail for a weekend getaway.

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