2022 GMC Hummer EV is Still Coming, 'Supertruck' Debuts This Autumn

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick
2022 gmc hummer ev is still coming supertruck debuts this autumn

The 1,000-horsepower “supertruck” will debut in a matter of months, and enter production late 2021.

Did you forget about the GMC Hummer? It’s okay, the EV’s first official tease at the 2020 Super Bowl feels about five years ago at this point. The 1,000-horsepower all-electric truck is back in the spotlight now though, with GMC announcing early Wednesday that the Hummer EV will now debut in autumn of this year.

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The American truck maker also shared a new video featuring the Hummer. GMC is playing coy though, only providing a dimly lit outline of the pickup. Nonetheless, it gives us a clearer look at the upcoming big-boy truck, with the sort of chunky proportions you’d expect of the name. An upright, letterbox windshield starts only slightly aft of the front wheels, leading into a large passenger compartment and stubby bed. The rear section connecting to the bed is more steeply raked than the windshield, though that very well could be bodywork instead of the rear glass.

2022 gmc hummer ev is still coming supertruck debuts this autumn

After the minute-long video shows off the truck outline, it also gives us our first official taste of the Hummer EV SUV. This second body style stretches the roof right to the back of the vehicle, and fits a full-size spare on the tailgate.

The Hummer EV will boast the sort of numbers you’d expect of a “supertruck”. GM is claiming 1,000 horsepower and a mammoth 11,500 lb-ft of torque. That latter figure is likely the at-the-wheel amount though, multiplied through the gear ratios. Nevertheless we still expect a torque figure starting with a 1, followed by three digits. The Hummer will use GM’s new Ultium dedicated EV platform and, in top-spec form, is expected to go roughly 400 miles between charges. The big truck (and SUV) will feature an evolution of GM’s hands-free Super Cruise, as well as a Crab Mode, which we imagine will shrink its turning radius for tight maneuvers.

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When production begins a year after its full debut, it will face off against the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford’s all-electric version of the new F-150 pickup. Stay tuned for more on the reborn, quieter Hummer over the next few months.

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