The Slowest-Selling New Vehicles of 2020 (So Far)

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick
the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

SUVs and crossovers top the list, which could spell great deals if you’re in the market.

Look, car sales took a dive this year. We all know why. The global pandemic took its toll on the North American market starting in March, and it’s still recovering. Not all cars and SUVs were impacted equally however, and those looking to pick up a new vehicle can take advantage of the situation by focusing on vehicles that sit on dealer lots for longer than the industry average.

In a recent study, iSeeCars sifted through millions of new and used car sales between March and June 2020 to determine how the average days until sale. New vehicles take 96.9 days to move off dealer lots, on average, according to the study. However, some models take far longer—in fact, the slowest-moving new vehicle takes more than double the time to shift. That can be a handy bargaining tool if you’re in the market, and know what to look for.

Surprisingly, SUVs and crossovers occupy eight of the top 10 spots. They might now out-sell cars, but the sheer number of high-riding vehicles out there suggests supply and demand aren’t quite in sync. Read on for the full list in ascending order.

10. Infiniti QX60: 149.9 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

We start the list with the three-row Infiniti QX60. This softer, car-like crossover is the middle child of the Infiniti SUV lineup, slotting between the newer QX50 and the full-size QX80.

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The QX60 is far from the newest model in its class. That said, it does offer a spacious interior, and its simplified model range means even a top-spec Luxe AWD slides in under $50,000 before any discounts or options. If you’re looking for an entry-level luxury people hauler, the QX60 fits the bill.

09. Land Rover Range Rover Velar: 150.4 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

Luxury brands show up a handful of times in this list, and the first is the newest member of the Land Rover family. The Velar debuted in 2017, sharing its platform with the Jaguar F-Pace.

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The Velar sits, on average, for just over 150 days on dealer lots this year before finding a home. Prices start at $56,300 for its smooth looks and minimalist interior.

08. Cadillac Escalade ESV: 151.1 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

Looking for big American luxury? The Cadillac Escalade is the long-standing template for the large, premium SUV segment. It gets even biglier in extended-wheelbase ESV form—and it’s that version that dealers have a harder time shifting.

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The savings opportunities are two-fold for the Escalade: it’s one of the slowest models to move off the lots, and it’s on the verge of being replaced by an all-new generation in a matter of weeks. The ESV typically starts at $79,490, and Cadillac is currently offering $9,500 in cash allowances for it.

07. Nissan Armada: 151.2 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

Just eclipsing the equally enormous Cadillac by an average of 2.4 hours is the Nissan Armada. The V8-powered ship starts under $50,000, which isn’t a lot of scratch for something so vast.

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The Armada originally debuted early this century, based on the same platform as the Titan pickup. For the current second-generation (starting in 2017), it now shares a platform with the Infiniti QX80.

06. Nissan Altima: 151.9 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

The Nissan Altima is a surprise on this list. Not only is it one of only two sedans—the second is up next—but it’s also the newest vehicle here. The current sixth-generation Altima showed up as a 2019 model.

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The sedan brings sharper looks, a very clever, variable-compression turbocharged engine, and available all-wheel drive to the mid-size segment. Nissan’s CVT is the only transmission choice regardless of engine or drivetrain, however. We challenge you to not get comfortable in the optional Zero Gravity seats.

05. Chevrolet Impala: 153.1 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

The Chevrolet Impala is dead. The last of the Bow Tie’s full-size sedan rolled off the production line on February 27, 2020. GM ended the long-running name due to slow sales, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the Impala still languishes on lots.

The full-size sedan segment has been a niche for at least a generation by now. That said, it’s still a handsome—if conservative—car, and some people want that big, comfy ride that only these sorts of sedans can offer. If you’re that type, you could find a great deal here versus something like a Toyota Avalon.

04. Nissan Frontier: 158.3 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

The Nissan Frontier is a living fossil in the automotive world. It debuted before Bush Jr. took up his second term in office. If it were a person, it’d be very nearly old enough to drive.

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On the flip side, that means that Nissan has had plenty of time to work out any kinks in the package. Things changed earlier this year when the Japanese automaker introduced a brand new engine and transmission combo for the Frontier. The 3.8-liter V6 and nine-speed auto will debut in next year’s all-new Frontier, but for now, you could snap up an old truck with a new heart.

03. Buick Encore: 170 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

For a long time, the little Buick Encore was the first step into the brand. Its diminutive dimensions make it a popular pick in the city, while available all-wheel drive broaden its appeal out of it.

The Encore spends an average of 170 days waiting to find a home. With its bigger (but more affordable) Encore GX sibling debuting this year, we expect it to continue to be a slow-seller for the brand.

02. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: 187.7 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

Mitsubishi revived the Eclipse name for its compact crossover two years ago. It slots into an already crossover-heavy lineup, becoming more of a Nissan Rogue Sport competitor than anything else.

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The Eclipse Cross sits on dealer lots for just over half a year, on average. One of our biggest criticisms of the car when new was its comparatively high price tag; use its slow-selling status to chip away at that sticker.

01. Mitsubishi Outlander: 197.7 days

the slowest selling new vehicles of 2020 so far

Mitsubishi locks up the top two positions in this list. The aging Outlander requires an additional 10 days over its Eclipse Cross sibling to shift. That’s the longest in the industry, and over 100 days more than the average.

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Like others on this list, the Outlander is soon heading for replacement. Mitsubishi recently outlined its plans for updating nearly the entire lineup, and the crowning change will be the next-gen Outlander, which it calls “the quietest and best-equipped Mitsubishi ever sold in the US.”

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