Watch Amazon Prime’s The Pack and Win During The Packed Weekend

Are you ready for a family-friendly show that celebrates the incredible bond between dogs and their humans? The Pack is a new competition series you’re not going to want to miss.

Available only on Amazon Prime Video exclusively to Prime members, The Pack premieres on November 20, 2020. The Pack takes dogs and their beloved human companions on an epic around the world adventure.

What Is The Pack?

The Pack is an uplifting and exciting new unscripted series that features 12 pairs of human/dog teams competing as they navigate challenges all over the world. The pairs are not specially trained dogs or human athletes, and it will be heartwarming to watch how the impressive bond between humans and their best friends help them complete the challenges.

The 12 teams will be divided into two packs, and they’ll face global challenges that will result in duos getting eliminated along the way. The teams start in Los Angeles and then travel the globe, with the adventure bringing the dogs and their humans even closer along the way.

Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn will host, along with her lovable canine co-host Lucy. Aside from winning a life-changing prize for themselves ($500,000), the victorious human/dog pair will also earn a donation ($250,000) to an animal charity of their choice. To win, the pairs will have to depend on each other, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and rely on their bond to get them through each fun and exhilarating challenge.

All the challenges were designed with a team of accredited veterinarians and certified dog experts, all who go along with the teams to make sure the experience is positive for everyone.

Additionally, The Pack donated $250,000 during its filming to various animal rescue organizations and animal charities in each country they visited. Not only did filming The Pack give the teams opportunities of a lifetime, it helped pay it forward to dogs and their humans all around the world.

To prepare you for the woof-packed journey, here are the 12 pooch pairs – which one are you going to cheer on?

All photos courtesy of The Pack on Amazon Prime Video

Kentucky and Derby

Chelsey and Gryffin

Donna and Charlie 

Vania and Jax

Daniel and Allister

Lucy and Duchess

Chisum and Kepo

Mitra and Bozley

Mark and Ace

Brian and Dixie

Linh and Chance

Josh and Snow

Participate In A Packed Weekend

Dog fans are in for a special treat during Packed Weekend, which is a celebration for the launch of the new series that will take place over three days: Friday November 20, Saturday November 21 and Sunday November 22.

Not only will pet lovers get to enjoy the debut of The Pack on that Friday, but the weekend will also kick off a virtual global “Pack Walk Challenge.” Viewers can use the free MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal apps to help create the largest global pack walk ever. Walking with your furry pals will let you achieve milestones, and help you be eligible for the chance to win fantastic prizes, too.

Pet loving brands like Sleepypod will be offering giveaways, discounts and upgrades all weekend through the Packed Weekend website.

Catch the premiere of The Pack on Amazon Prime Video on November 20.

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