5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Exhaust System Before Your Next Overland Adventure

If you’re unsatisfied with the sedate noise and responsiveness of your off-roading rig, and you’re on the hunt for something to “wake it up” a bit, we have the remedy: the MagnaFlow Overland Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust.

One of few aftermarket performance parts brands that’s become a true household name, MagnaFlow has been building some of the world’s best aftermarket exhaust systems and components since 1981. But while their best-known products are undoubtedly their street-focused exhaust systems, MagnaFlow also has a line of exhausts developed specially for off-road use.

Now, MagnaFlow has added an all-new Overland Series to its off-road exhaust range – a cat-back performance exhaust system engineered for a moderate noise level and solid off-road performance. Here are five key reasons you should consider making the upgrade to MagnaFlow’s Overland Series before your next overlanding adventure.

The MagnaFlow Overland Series delivers dyno-proven performance

Your engine is effectively an air pump; the more freely it can breathe, the more power and torque it can generate. All of MagnaFlow’s exhaust systems are engineered to be as free-breathing and unrestrictive as possible, and the Overland Series is no different.

The MagnaFlow Overland Series performance exhaust on a Jeep Wrangler JK

Using CNC mandrel-bent tubing free from kinks and straight-through mufflers that present minimal disturbance to the flow of exhaust gases, the MagnaFlow Overland Series delivers dyno-proven performance, with a bit of extra responsiveness you’re sure to feel every time you touch the throttle.

It has a sweet-sounding exhaust note that won’t wake the whole forest

One of the biggest draws of any MagnaFlow exhaust system is the sound, and the new Overland Series delivers on that front. It’s the quietest, most refined exhaust note in the company’s off-road exhaust lineup – less aggressive and more moderate than either the Rock Crawler Series or Off-Road Pro Series, and just a bit more uncorked than stock.

In other words, it strikes that perfect balance between being able to actually hear and appreciate the sound of your off-roader’s engine, and sending every woodland critter within a two-mile radius scrambling for cover.

It’s built to last, no matter what conditions you face

Overlanding exposes your vehicle to all sorts of different conditions, with hazards like dirt, mud, sand, water, and snow that can act like abrasives against a factory exhaust’s protective coating, or saturate components and accelerate rust. That’s not a concern with the MagnaFlow Overland Series.

The MagnaFlow Overland Series is built to brave the elements, including snow.

The Overland cat-back exhaust is made from top-quality stainless steel that will stand the test of time, even if it gets a few scrapes and bruises along the way—and it’s precisely manufactured using the latest CNC robotic processes for the utmost in build quality. MagnaFlow is so confident they’ve done their homework that they even sell the Overland Series with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning your cat-back might just outlast your off-roading rig.

The MagnaFlow Overland Series was designed with off-road clearance in mind

Clearance is far more critical for an off-road vehicle than a street machine, and MagnaFlow knows it. That’s why the Overland Series incorporates a special high-clearance design, tucking up closer underneath the body to provide more ground clearance than even the factory exhaust system, with a 2.5” high-clearance exit pipe and the same trail-proven turn-down tip design as featured on the company’s Rock Crawler Series, for superior clearance and protection at the exhaust exit.

A look at the high clearance on the MagnaFlow Overland Series

Not only does all this mean uninhibited off-road performance, it also means you don’t have to sweat the possibility of damaging your Overland Series exhaust every time you venture off the pavement.

It actually helps preserve US forests

In conjunction with its new Overland Series, MagnaFlow has decided to give back to the woodlands that we overlanders all enjoy. The company has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant one tree for each and every Overland product sold, helping to replenish our forests and preserve them for the next generation of avid off-roaders. Talk about making the right kind of noise; that’s a commitment we can all appreciate.

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