February 24, 2021
| On 11 months ago

2022 Lexus NX Leaked Images Show Smoother Design, Big Touchscreen

The NX is the brand’s second best-selling crossover; new model expected to debut later this year.

Lexus already debuted one new car this week—the 472-horsepower IS 500 F Sport—but a leak has seemingly given us a look at what’s next in the pipeline for the Japanese brand. If these images are legit, say hello to the second-generation Lexus NX crossover. (The images first surfaced on ClubLexus.com, as reported by Carscoops.)

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The NX is a big deal for Lexus, consistently selling more units per year than any of the cars in the lineup. It’s second only to the brand’s original crossover, the larger RX. So it’s understandable Lexus has seemingly taken an evolutionary approach with the next generation’s styling. The NX is still recognizably Lexus, thanks to the spindle grille, swept-back headlights with signature LED checkmarks, and L-shaped taillights.

While there are still some sharp creases across the bodywork, the look is generally softer—although maybe that’s the liquid-metal paintwork doing the heavy lifting. The biggest stylistic departure from the current model is a full-width taillight bar, with a Porsche Macan-level of dimensionality to the design.

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Just two interior images are a part of the leak, but they showcase a cleaner, more up-to-date space. A massive touchscreen sits front and center, addressing the biggest complaint in the current NX: the fiddlesome infotainment. It’s angled slightly towards the driver here. Another screen sits behind the wheel, though it isn’t clear this early on if all trims will ditch analog dials. Lexus has moved the drive selector closer to the driver, instead of the reach across the center console on the current model.

Engine and platform details are (naturally) in short supply right now. The current NX shares a platform with the last-generation Toyota RAV4; we expect the new one to move to the TNGA platform. That would once again pair it with the RAV4, and also the reborn Toyota Venza. The turbo four-cylinder will likely carry over, and we expect Lexus to focus heavily on its hybrid drivetrains. The more powerful plug-in setup found in the RAV4 Prime may even make its way to the luxury compact.

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