Ford F-150 Wins AutoGuide 2021 Truck of the Year Staff
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Ford’s best-selling F-150 claims the crown of AutoGuide 2021 Truck of the Year, with thoughtful, real-world touches elevating it above the pack.

This year’s AutoGuide 2021 Truck of the Year finalists covered a wide range of the market, from heavy-duty haulers to the wildest, most powerful production pickup we’ve ever seen. When the votes of our expert panel were tallied, only one rig rose above it all to capture the title. The Ford F-150 is the standard by which the rest of the segment is judged, and this year, it’s our Truck of the Year.

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Truck of the Year: Ford F-150

When Ford updates the vehicle that has topped the sales charts for decades, it’s a big deal. The latest F-150 generation is no exception.

You wouldn’t know it from outside, however: the 2021 F-150 is a conservative design refresh over the last model. The bigger changes lie within, and under the skin. The Blue Oval has zeroed in on how people use their trucks, offering nifty features like a foldaway gear selector to make space for a larger worktable. Max Recline seats also allow F-150 owners to grab a quick nap from within the truck. In typical F-150 tradition, Ford offers the truck up in countless trim and bed combinations, from the workhorse XL to the luxurious Limited.

“F-150 is the winner because it does everything well,” explains contributing writer Chris Tonn. “If you don’t need to tow a large house (a small one is fine) there are few other things you can’t do with it.”

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Chris drove the PowerBoost hybrid model, new for this year. When equipped with the Pro Power Onboard setup, the F-150 can provide up to 7.2-kW of power. That turns the truck into a mobile generator, allowing the F-150 to power worksites or even entire houses. The added fuel efficiency of the hybrid system is almost a bonus at that point.

With all the thoughtful, user-oriented upgrades to the F-150 this year, it was our clear Truck of the Year winner.

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