June 24, 2021
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5 Things Truck Owners Need to Know About WARN Ascent Bumpers

It’s hard to separate the name WARN from vehicle recovery winches, considering WARN winches are universally recognized as being among the absolute best in the business, and the company hasn’t slowed down any since reaching the top. Instead, they continue to pioneer, innovate, and push the envelope when it comes to cutting-edge features and design.

That said, plenty of truck fans know WARN for other off-road accessories too, including their rugged lineup of truck bumpers, led by the popular Ascent series. Strong, durable, and ready-to-winch, WARN’s Ascent bumpers provide off-roaders with thoughtfully-designed and well-crafted bumper upgrades from one of the industry’s most trusted names.

Now, WARN’s Ascent family has grown, adding two more product lines – the Ascent HD and Ascent XP – while at the same time, the classic Ascent has been given a serious upgrade. To educate you on WARN’s new-and-improved family of Ascent bumpers, here are the top five things you need to know about the WARN Ascent series.

WARN Ascent Bumpers are Equally at Home on the Job Or the Trail

While scrapes, scuffs, and scratches can be incurred anywhere, nowhere is more fraught with hazards than the job site and the trails. Spend enough time on either and you’ll see the advantages of an upgraded bumper system firsthand.

Enter WARN Ascent bumpers. Designed for hardworking trucks – including late-model light-duty pickups from Ford, GM, Ram, and Toyota, as well as certain medium-duty Ford, GM, and Ram models – Ascent bumpers are about more than just providing off-roaders a means to equip one of WARN’s legendary winches.

They also offer superior protection compared to their OE counterparts, thanks to the hefty welded steel construction and durable, corrosion-resistant coatings, not to mention options for supporting tubular grille- and headlamp-saving guards.

The classic WARN Ascent front bumper design was updated with a reduced frontal overhang for a sleek, low-profile design that maximizes approach angles and accommodates large aftermarket tires, while its new cohorts, the Ascent HD and XP, have both been designed with the same off-road-friendly considerations, sitting high up to maintain ground clearance and fit oversized tires.

All of this adds up to a bumper that’s indispensable whether you’re working hard or playing hard.

Three Different Product Lines Means You Can Find the Perfect Fit

WARN’s Ascent series has grown from a single product line to a full-fledged family – and that means more choice when it comes to finding the right bumper to fit your needs, from the ever-popular Ascent to the ultra-tough Ascent HD, to the streamlined Ascent XP.

The standard Ascent bumper — long a go-to for truck owners looking for superior off-road protection and seamless compatibility with some of WARN’s most popular vehicle recovery winch models — is formed from tough 11-gauge steel with an attractive, protective black powdercoat finish. It’s a handy overlanding companion, capable of accepting most WARN midframe winch models rated up to 12,000 pounds of pull.

The WARN Ascent HD takes things even further with 1/4” and 3/16” steel construction, making it an invaluable upgrade for larger, heavier truck models. Meanwhile, its integrated winch plate can accept most WARN midframe winches – and all large-frame WARN units – with up to 18,000 pounds of pull.

Then there’s the WARN Ascent XP, built for those who don’t necessarily need front winch-mounting provisions. The absence of a winch plate opens the XP up to feature a 30” LED light bar mounting slot, and its tough, single-piece 11-gauge and 1/4” steel construction, along with its welded-on Baja-style grille guard tube, renders it a stalwart bit of protective equipment.

Ascent Bumpers Offer Multiple Avenues for Customization

The WARN Ascent family is now more customizable than ever. In addition to the trio of distinct product lines available, each offers numerous options for guard tubes, auxiliary lighting, and, of course, winches.

The standard Ascent ships with provisions for mounting optional WARN Baja tubes – pre-runner-style tubular grille guards that deliver extra grille and headlamp protection with beefy 2” steel tubing – while the Ascent HD can both be ordered with or without welded-on Baja-style or full-grille guard tubes. The Ascent XP, meanwhile, features a standard welded-on Baja-style guard tube.

Auxiliary lighting provisions, such as standard dual-port 3” LED pod light receptacles and, on the Ascent XP, a 30” LED light bar slot, extend your lighting options, giving you the ability to add spot, flood, and fog lights for better visibility whether on the road or the trail.

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Both the standard Ascent and the Ascent HD also come equipped with welded recovery points ready to accommodate standard D-ring shackles, for even more vehicle recovery options in addition to the winch provisions mentioned above.

They’re Built as Tough as They Look

The name WARN isn’t just synonymous with vehicle recovery winches, it’s also synonymous with “overbuilt.” These rugged truck bumpers are made from strong, durable steel, ranging from 11-gauge to a quarter-inch in thickness for the utmost in on- and off-road protection, while WARN’s corrosion-fighting powdercoat finishes are second to none.

That’s because WARN subjects their powder-coated Ascent bumpers to torturous 408-hour salt spray testing, ensuring up to two times the corrosion protection, resulting in the most durable, longest-lasting finish possible, day in and day out, through rain, shine, and snow.

What’s more, WARN is the only bumper fabricator that designs bumpers specifically for winching, pull-testing each one to prove it can hold up to the rigors of vehicle recovery. When a WARN bumper says it’s good for winches with up to 18,000 pounds of pulling power, you’d better believe that’s the case.

WARN Ascent Bumpers are Designed, Tested, and Built in the USA

“Made in the USA” has long been shorthand for “quality,” and WARN’s Ascent family of bumpers are designed, engineered, and manufactured with pride in the good ol’ US of A. In other words, you can trust that when you buy one of these bumpers for your truck, you’re getting a top-quality product that benefits from a longstanding tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

From concept through finished product, every step of the journey has been carried out by American designers, engineers, and fabricators – a fact that shows from the moment you first install your new Ascent bumper on your truck.

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