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July 5, 2021
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Keep Your Vehicle’s Carpeting Clean with OEDRO Floor Mats

If you treat your daily driver like a temple, taking great pains to keep it in tip-top shape, inside and out, you know that your first – and best – line of defense against carpet contamination is a proper set of floor mats.

OEDRO is a relative newcomer to the aftermarket scene, having first opened its doors in 2012. But since that time, the company has been busy, rolling out a full suite of well-built, perfect-fit replacement parts and accessories, from headlights and work lights, to running boards, to tonneau covers – and, of course, floor mats. All that while delivering excellent product quality, fast delivery times, and great customer service.

Offering some of the best fitments and best values out there, OEDRO’s rubberized, all-weather floor mats are laser-measured to precisely contour to your vehicle’s factory floor. Not only does this allow for a simple drop-in installation, it also helps keep the floor mats fixed in place during regular use. More importantly, it helps ensure that every square inch of high-traffic carpeting is covered and protected from dirt, sand, mud, slush, salt, and anything else you might track in.

Quality Construction

OEDRO’s mats are constructed from the choicest of materials, too: an odorless, non-toxic, latex-free thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE. That may not mean much to you right now, but the right material selection for anything vehicle interior-related is crucial; floor mats must be manufactured to survive the hottest hots and most frigid colds your interior will ever face.

And trust us when we say that TPE is the right material for the job – safe for extreme hot weather thanks to its non-toxic composition, and flexible even in ice-cold conditions. TPE is also superbly easy to clean, and as an added plus, it has a very nice feel underfoot, which is perfect for that one family member who just loves to ride barefoot.

Designed to Protect Your Ride

On top of these considerations, there’s also the matter of your floor mat’s tread design. OEDRO floor mats nail this crucial aspect as well, thanks to moderately tight-spaced raised ridges that provide plenty of grip so your feet don’t slip and slide when wet, plus angled edges and a raised lip that not only keep the floor mat firmly in place, but help to contain any mess too. In essence, each mat effectively acts as a reservoir, keeping water and slush from sloshing out onto your nice, clean carpet.

Safety First

Made of anti-slip, waterproof material, and attaching securely via a unique buckle design, OEDRO floor mats don’t just protect your interior against spills and slush, they also guard against slipping. And nowhere is this more important that on the driver’s mat, which attaches safely and securely under the accelerator pedal, eliminating any unintentional sticking of pedals.

Custom Fit

OEDRO’s 3D process perfectly forms each liner to the exact contours of your ride, precisely measuring each individual make and model’s floorboard to create the perfect custom fit. As a result, the company manufactures floor mats for a number of different late-model vehicles, and some even offer a couple of different styles so you can pick the all-weather floor mat that best fits your needs.

With pickup trucks being something of a focus for OEDRO, it should come as no surprise that vehicles like the Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado are covered, each with its own perfect-fit all-weather TPE floor mats, while popular daily drivers like the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V each have their own custom-fitted OEDRO floor mat options as well.

Best of all: right now, OEDRO is offering a special 10% off discount on floor mats through August 31st, using the code LOVEOEDRO at checkout. Already one of the best aftermarket floor mat values out there, OEDRO’s carpet-saving mats just got even more compelling.

For more on OEDRO’s custom floor mats, click here. Or visit the brand’s Amazon store to shop now.