September 27, 2021
| On 2 months ago

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Revealed One Month Early

Chevy shows off the latest ‘Vette early; but we still have to wait until October 26 for the engine details.

Chevrolet kicked off the week with an early gift: our first official look at the upcoming 2023 Corvette Z06. The Bow Tie brand teased out the uprated mid-engined supercar on Instagram early Monday—but only a single image.

Even so, the reveal gives us a clear look at where the Z06 will distinguish itself from the existing Stingray. The front bumper is more aggressive, with larger openings to gulp down more cooling air. New multi-spoke fill out the wheel arches, too. It’s hard to tell from this elevated angle, but the whole car seems to ride a little closer to terra firma, as well. A new wishbone-shaped garnish lines the side air intake, and … that’s about all we can see from here. We expect other changes we can’t see, like a revised rear bumper and diffuser setup.

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What exactly powers the new Z06 remains to be seen. A summer teaser made it all but official that the big Z will be packing a flat-plane crank, dual-overhead-cam V8. The current C8.R uses just such an engine, displacing 5.5 liters. While the last Z06 used a supercharged engine, we expect the new model to forego forced induction. That suggests the 2023 model may not make the same 650 horsepower, however.

It’s not long before we know for sure. The full reveal, which should put all the drivetrain rumors to bed, is set to take place October 26. Stay tuned.

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