New Tech Gadgets Make Jump Starting Car Engines Easier Than Ever Staff
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new tech gadgets make jump starting car engines easier than ever

A dead car battery can ruin your day in a hurry…but it doesn’t have to.

Most of us will have to boost a car battery at some point, but what tools are best for the job? Those ragged jumper cables with frayed sheathing and broken clamps which have been festering in your car’s spare tire well for a decade are at the end of their useful life, leading one to shop for a replacement. Thanks to modern tech like Hulkman portable jump starters, the art of jump starting a car has gotten a lot easier in the past few years.

A New Way To Jump Start Your Vehicle

Photo by Nor Gal/
Photo by Nor Gal/

The easiest way to jump start a car is to call someone else to do it for you. But waiting for AAA to show up could take hours…if you even have that service.

This leaves us with two options: jumper cables or a portable jump starter. Cables, of course, have been around since roughly the dawn of electricity and are wholly dependent on having access to a fully charged battery in order to wake the dead one to life. While this is not generally a problem in a crowded parking lot or in your own driveway, other vehicles can be hard to find after you’ve run the battery down in your off-road pickup truck out on the back forty. Fortunately, there is a solution ready made for this problem…

Portable Jump Starters To The Rescue

new tech gadgets make jump starting car engines easier than ever

A Hulkman portable jump starter in an innovative solution to the problem of a dead battery.

Portable battery packs aren’t totally recent inventions, especially the types of heavy and bulky units which are essentially a cut-rate car battery encased in a plastic protective shield. These are useful if unwieldy, like trying to use a chainsaw to carve a turkey. Portable jump starters, like those from Hulkman, on the other hand, are lightweight handheld devices which can – depending on their power capacity – pack enough punch to juice up even the largest gasoline and diesel engines.

Displacing a footprint not much larger than the smartphone that’s in your pocket, a Hulkman portable jump starter is capable of belting out just the right amount of power to bring your vehicle’s electrical system back to life after a too-long tailgate party. Since they are smartly sized and very portable, it’s not a stretch to keep one at the ready in a glovebox or other interior storage space, eliminating the need to dig through one’s trunk in order to find it. Murphy Law states that a jump start is needed when it’s dark and rainy, after all. Also, most of these jump starters are operable in frigid weather, which is actually the type of conditions in which many batteries go flat.

Portable Jump Starts Now Get More Digital

new tech gadgets make jump starting car engines easier than ever

A common knock on old-fashioned jumper cables is their inability to tell the user when something is wrong. Are the wires hooked up incorrectly? Is there a problem with the battery that’s supplying power?

Hulkman solves that problem by using a modern LCD screen. An available 3.3-inch display area not only shows the basics like the level of charge available in the booster, but also operation status and error codes.

Setting up and using a Hulkman portable jump starter is dead easy, with the LCD screen letting you know when you’ve got everything properly connected. It even shows you how much charge is left.

Look for a jumper that’s rated as resistant to water and dust, since it’s unlikely you’ll be using the thing in ideal conditions. As a bonus, most of these battery packs can also be deployed as a power bank to charge up devices ranging from drones to phones.

Visit Hulkman portable jump starters for more information.

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