October 4, 2021
| On 2 months ago

2023 Honda Civic Type R Shows Off in Camo Ahead of ‘Ring Testing

Rumors point to an evolution of the current Type R’s drivetrain underneath.

Honda kickstarted the week with the world’s first official look at the 2023 Civic Type R hot hatch. It might be wrapped in camouflage, but already the next Type R looks like a stylistic departure.

We can’t say we’re surprised. The 2022 Civic Hatchback that forms the basis of the Type R has come in for a much cleaner, classier look this generation. The CTR adds some serious go-faster bits to the shape, including bigger wheels (wrapped in sticky Michelins) and Brembo brakes. The front bumper has larger intakes too, though the camo blocks them here.

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There are more changes around back. A triple-tip exhaust system is present once again, though this time the central tip is larger, not smaller. There’s a high-mounted rear wing too—hey, Honda wasn’t going to completely change the recipe here—but it now features daintier, motorsport-inspired supports. It’s also mounted further up the hatch, near the base of the rear window.

Honda hasn’t confirmed what will be lurking under the hood of the hottest Civic. The rumor mill has suggested anything from a 400-horsepower, hybrid-powered, AWD AMG-hunter, to an evolution of the current car’s characterful 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder continuing to send power to the front. We’re leaning more towards the latter, as the front-drive approach keeps the weight in check. Honda has confirmed the Type R (as well as the still-unseen Si) will be manual-only.

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The 2023 Honda Civic Type R will debut in full, sans camo, at some point in 2022. With it descending onto the Nürburgring for testing now, we expect it to show its face in the first few months of the year—right around the time of the reborn (and related) Acura Integra, really.

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