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Photo by Denis Dymov/
Photo by Denis Dymov/

Psst! Hey, you. Yeah, the gearhead with the modified car. Bet you’re tired of pawing though various and sundry online classified sites trying to find decently priced speed parts, right? After sifting out the help wanted ads, fake dating profiles, and that guy who’s still trying to sell those beat up frying pans, there’s a chance that maybe – just maybe – you’ll find the Holley carb you heard the guy across town has for sale.

Fortunately, that’s where a website like ModFind comes in handy. ModFind is an automotive community marketplace which has been built by enthusiasts who understand how we want to buy and sell our parts. Based out of Miami, FL, it was formed in 2018 and officially went live in August 2019. ModFind caters to automotive enthusiasts, automotive shops, and car dealers. Looking for an upgraded turbo for your RX-7? It’s probably in here. Parts for the MR2? Right this way. Left-side trim for a TVR Sagaris?

part ways modfind helps gearheads find car parts
Well, even the crew at ModFind aren’t miracle workers.

What they are, however, is a massively enthusiastic community of gearheads – just like you. Supporting all makes and models, enthusiasts can list their car parts easily, right from a mobile device of their wish, and choose to empower the group to be your sales force for accelerated sales. As a bonus? There are no fees to list items for sale on ModFind, only a nominal final seller’s fee when your item finds a new home. Whether a person lists one or one hundred items for sale, users will not incur any listing fees.

The amount of that seller’s fee is also 100 percent transparent, unlike some other services in which such charges require two calculators and a math degree to decipher. If you’re hucking parts, tools, or merchandise, ModFind asks 10 percent as the seller’s fee, up to a maximum of $750. Whether you choose to place that into consideration when pricing your item is up to yourself. Anyone selling a car, truck, motorcycle, boat – basically, anything you can drive – will find themselves with a $150 flat fee for items selling for $5,000 or less. Above that mark, the fee is a flat $250. All this helps keep the lights on at ModFind and is a better value than those tiny classified ads we used to go blind trying to read not that many years ago.

part ways modfind helps gearheads find car parts

But there’s another way to get even more exposure for your item and sell it quickly on ModFind: it’s called Kickbacks where ModFind users get paid for simply referring someone to a particular listing. This is a system unique to our community and is a great way for both buyers and sellers to get what they want. From the latter’s perspective, Kickbacks leverage the ModFind community to sell your parts faster. Buyers win because they find the product they want, and the community benefits since a kickback reward is given when someone purchases a recommended product.

Here’s an example. Let’s imagine that David is selling the exhaust from his BMW 335i for $250. As a motivated seller, he adds a Kickback of $25 for anyone who can help sell the item. Kate sees the ad on ModFind and shares a link of the listing with her friend Mike, who is looking for a new exhaust for his 335i. Mike purchases the exhaust for $250 and completes his payment transaction with David. Since the item had a Kickback, and Mike purchased it through the recommendation of Kate’s link, she will receive a $25 Kickback from David which goes directly into her ModFind account. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

part ways modfind helps gearheads find car parts

Remember, to qualify for a Kickback, someone must make the item purchase directly from the post link that you generate and share with a friend. Obviously, the item being sold must have a Kickback attached to it by the seller as well. Don’t forget: like most online sales transactions, shipping arrangements are left up to the buyer and seller.

Like what you hear? Us, too. The best way to start is by creating a profile on the ModFind platform, so go ahead and download their convenient app which can be found in both the Apple Store and Google Play. Or, if you’d rather hammer away at a keyboard, hit them up on at

part ways modfind helps gearheads find car parts

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