Car Trunk: Top 10 Cars With the Biggest Boot

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee

Trunks used to be cavernous. They could rival some New York City apartments in terms of square footage. Several people could lie comfortably in one (although we don’t endorse using humans as a unit of measurement).

But as cars became smaller and more aerodynamic, trunks shrank. A traditional sedan or coupe with a generous trunk is hard to come by these days. And with the world having gone crossover/SUV crazy, does it matter anyway? These high-riding hatchbacks can fit more cargo after all.

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Well, not everyone wants a crossover or SUV. The coupe and sedan markets may be shrinking, but some still do prefer a car with a separate, spacious, isolated trunk. To help this subsection of buyers, we scrutinized every new vehicle currently on sale, looking for the largest real, separate trunks. Hatchbacks, fastbacks, and wagons need not apply.

The result included plenty of surprises as we assembled our top 10 list of cars with the biggest trunks. Read on to see which cars made the cut.

10. Hyundai Sonata / Kia K5 – 16.0 cu ft

The Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5 are built on the same platform so it isn’t too surprising that they have the same sized trunk. Even with unique sheetmetal styling, it appears the fundamentals of the vehicle architecture are so similar that both trunks measure in it 16.0 cubic feet. Despite being classified as mid-size sedans, it is good enough for 10th place on this list, ahead of plenty of full-size cars.

9. Toyota Avalon – 16.09 cu ft

Next up is a full-size family sedan, the Toyota Avalon. With an extra 0.09 cubic feet or trunk space, it just barely eclipse’s the Kia/Hyundai duo to grab 9th spot on our list. The Avalon is one of the few full-size, non-luxury cars left on the market today. Best of all, the hybrid version does not sacrifice any trunk space for the battery, keeping the same 16.09 cubic foot capacity.

8. Dodge Challenger – 16.2 cu ft

The Dodge Challenger is the definition of a large American coupe; a fact emphasized by its appearance on this list. As the only two-door to make the top ten, the Challenger’s width and boxy proportions help it hold 16.2 cubic feet of cargo in its trunk. The first of three straight Mopar siblings to make this list, the Challenger can haul all that gear at insane speeds, with a plethora of V8 options including the 807 hp Jailbreak.

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7. Chrysler 300 – 16.3 cu ft

If the Dodge Challenger is the epitome of a large American coupe, then the Chrysler 300 is the poster child of a time-honored, full-size, rear-wheel drive American sedan. Emphasizing passenger space and comfort, the 300 is a premium sedan that can still be ordered with traditional V8 power. It can hold 16.3 cu ft of cargo, one-upping the Challenger by a tenth of a cubic foot.

6. Dodge Charger – 16.5 cu ft

The final member derived from Stellantis’ LX platform lineage is the Dodge Charger. It’s a more mainstream, sport sedan compared to its close sibling, the Chrysler 300. Despite having a somewhat rounder shape, it actually has a larger trunk than the 300, measuring in at 16.5 cubic feet. Like the Challenger, the Charger can be had with deluge of engine choices, including a 797 hp supercharged HEMI monster in the Jailbreak.

5. Honda Accord – 16.7 cu ft

Here’s our first surprise. The Honda Accord belongs to the mid-size family sedan segment, yet has a trunk larger than most full-size cars. Thanks to clever packaging and design, the Accord can accommodate 16.7 cubic feet of cargo – bested by only four cars on the market. Like the Avalon, the hybrid version of the Accord does not give up any trunk capacity which is a plus for those looking to get a bit more efficiency.

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4. Lexus LS – 16.95 cu ft

We thought this list would be dominated by full-size luxury Q ships, but apparently not all of them have capacious trunks. There are a few exceptions of course, like the Lexus LS. Regardless of which trim level is chosen, trunk space is just shy of the 17 cubic foot mark. That’s more than enough to haul a few golf bags to the local country club, or for a weekend getaway to a hidden log cabin.

3. BMW 3-Series – 17.0 cu ft

This is easily the biggest surprise on the list. The vehicle with the third largest trunk on sale today is a compact luxury sedan? Granted, the BMW 3-Series isn’t all that compact any more, but it is smaller than the 5-Seires which doesn’t appear on this list and significantly smaller than the Lexus LS which has a smaller trunk. Anyone who owns a current generation 3-Series can attest to just how large its 17.0 cubic foot trunk really is.

2. BMW 750i xDrive – 18.2 cu ft

The BMW 7-Series is a big car, measuring over 207-inches in length. Although just being a large sedan doesn’t necessarily always equate to having a spacious trunk, in this instance, it does. With 18.2 cubic feet of capacity, the 7-Series has a serious ability to haul all the gear a posh family of four could ever want. And it can still be done with a silky-smooth twin-turbocharged V12 engine under the hood.

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1. Maserati Quattroporte – 18.7 cu ft

If we were to guess which car had the largest trunk prior to making this list, the Maserati Quattroporte probably wouldn’t have been in the conversation. But here it is, with its massive trunk – and by a good margin. We have nothing against the big Maserati, in fact we love its engine note and styling. It’s just not one of those cars that’s top of mind. But, if you’re in the market for the largest possible trunk and money is no object; grab a Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo.

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    Subaru Legacy has a huge trunk!

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    the way we travel is with suitcases, usually large ones. most sedans will not take more than one in the boot the best sedans are ones with a high boot line so the suitcases can stand upright and we can get at least 3 in that way Big surprise was the VW Polo sedan which we rented in South Africa, after the rental guy proved it would take 3 big ones