J.D. Power Shows That Americans Are Becoming More Willing To Buy EVs

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

J.D. Power’s electric vehicle consideration study for 2022 dropped this week. The study shows that Americans are more willing than ever to consider a new electric car, but skepticism still is very present. This means we’ve still got a long way to go before most Americans will consider an EV at least in the same breath as a traditional ICE car.

Every year, J.D. Power surveys more than 10,000 people all over the United States to gauge the typical consumer’s knowledge and interest in EVs. This year, the amount of Americans willing to consider an EV has gone up four points, from 20 percent in 2021, to 24 percent in 2022. Surprising to both J.D Power and Associates, and us here at Autoguide, the South (26%) tops the Northeast (23%) for the willingness of consumers to consider an EV for their next purchase.

J.D. Power and Associates contribute this to new EV models tapping into previously untouched segments, like pickup trucks. The study shows that mainstream EV model consideration is up more than six percentage points, compared to premium luxury EV only moving upward one percentage point. It shows that people want affordable, usable EVs, not just luxury ones.

Still, the study says that roughly 76 percent of people surveyed would not consider an EV for their next primary vehicle. Only 17 percent of renters would consider an EV, and many cite charging infrastructure concerns as to why they won’t consider switching to an EV.

EV ownership is on the rise, and will skeptics will continue to subside as more affordable models are introduced, and charging infrastructure improves.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Kevin has been obsessed with cars ever since he could talk. He even learned to read partially by learning and reading the makes and models on the back of cars, only fueling his obsession. Today, he is an automotive journalist and member of the Automotive Press Association. He is well-versed in electrification, hybrid cars, and vehicle maintenance.

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