Volkswagen ID.Aero Concept Is A Preview Of A Possible Electric Passat Replacement

The Volkswagen ID.Aero concept is a thinly veiled, sneak peek, at a forthcoming electric sedan. Currently, VW’s electrified efforts have focused on crossovers, with the Europe and China-only ID.3 hatchback being the exception to the rule. This ID.Aero concept will sit in the “Midsize Premium” space, with an interior, that VW promises will be well finished, and generous in space. According to Volkswagen, this is a world vehicle, sold in China, Europe, and North America. At the very least, a Volkswagen Canada PR rep did confirm the brand’s intention to sell the ID. Aero in Canada. 

Underneath, the ID.Aero uses the same MEB platform as the rest of Volkswagen’s electrified efforts. That means a primarily rear-motor design, with likely drum brakes at the back. For all-wheel-drive cars, Volkswagen could add a secondary front-mounted motor, to turn the front wheels.

Concept Car

The ID.Aero’s fastback body is streamlined, designed to make the most of aerodynamics to increase range. The fastback sedan has a very slippery drag coefficient of 0.23, allowing for lots of range from the 77kWh battery. Volkswagen is expecting a range of more than 600km (372 miles) from the production form of the ID.Aero. If the things we’ve learned from the ID.4 remain true, the ID Aero’s long wheelbase and flat floor should lend a very spacious interior. Sizewise, the ID.Aero looks to be roughly the same size as the now-dead Passat, and could potentially serve as a replacement.

The ID.Aero will go on sale in 2024 in North America, with other markets getting the vehicle as soon as late 2023. Chinese market production will start in 2023. European market production will start in 2023 also, with production slated for Volkswagen’s Emden, Germany plant.

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