5 Compelling Reasons The Blackhawk HH11 Should Be Your Next All-Season Tire

AutoGuide.com Staff
by AutoGuide.com Staff

As ubiquitous as they are, it can be hard to find a truly good all-season tire. They are, by definition, a compromise, sacrificing some amount of fair-weather performance in exchange for usability in cold, slushy winter conditions. Here’s the thing: few manufacturers manage to get the balance quite right, leaving you with a tire that performs rather poorly no matter what the season.

That’s why, when a truly good, competent all-season tire comes along, able to effectively blend fair-weather performance with a comfortable ride, wintertime safety, and a long tread life, we tend to take notice. The Blackhawk HH11 is such a tire, and there are at least five very compelling reasons why it’s worth a look.

1. The HH11 Makes Use Of Advanced Silica Compounds

Sometimes called the “magic compound,” silica has completely transformed the way tires are made. Much more than just a filler meant to bolster compliance and help the various rubber layers to bond, silica allows tire engineers to maximize fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance without making the tire overly stiff. Stiffness, while good for fuel economy and treadwear, translates to a lack of grip and wet-weather traction, not to mention significant ride discomfort. The Blackhawk HH11 makes use of an advanced silica compound that delivers the best of all worlds: good fuel economy, a high treadwear rating, excellent comfort, and outstanding grip in a variety of weather conditions. Silica even helps give tires a bit of extra compliance in low temperatures, helping winter traction and elasticity, as well.

2. And A Competitive Treadwear Rating

Remember what we were saying about silica being a boon to tire treadwear? The Blackhawk HH11 is competitive with some of the absolute best tires in the all-season category, delivering tens of thousands of miles of solid all-weather performance. In Canada, the tire even ships with an 80,000-km/60-month treadwear warranty, meaning if your Blackhawk HH11s are fitted by a qualified installer and rotated regularly and they still somehow manage to wear out before the warranty is up, you’re covered. In the US, the warranty lasts for a similarly long distance: 50,000 miles. Even if you drive 15,000 miles a year on average, that’s over three years of coverage, which is outstanding for the price point.

3. It Also Boasts A Well Thought-Out Design

Just as much as the compounds that make up the tire, the mold design is an equally large part of what makes it succeed or fail. Happily, we can report that Blackhawk has you covered here, too. The HH11 sports a very well thought-out design, with four big circumferential grooves and numerous angled channels to help evacuate water from under the tire quickly and efficiently. That, plus countless sipes and aggressive biting edges, helps the Blackhawk HH11 punch above its weight in rain, snow, and slush. At the same time, the manufacturer has given equal weight to dry-weather performance with this modern non-directional tire, with a solid center rib and other design features that help it navigate corners with confidence.

4. Not To Mention A Very Attractive Sidewall

Granted, no one is buying tires for the sidewall alone, but we can’t deny that an attractive sidewall design goes a long way in elevating the curb appeal of a car. The Blackhawk HH11 even has this covered, with an attractive, ribbed sidewall sporting a big, conspicuous “BLACKHAWK” on one side of the circumference, opposite the text “STREET-H HH11”. It’s the sort of look we’re only used to seeing on high-falutin’ premium tires that cost an arm and a leg, and certainly not what you expect to see from such an approachable everyday all-season tire. Even the tread design is fetching in a functional sort of way, with an intricate, mesmerizing pattern of channels, grooves, and sipes that wouldn’t look out of place on an ultra-high performance all-season from one of Europe’s top manufacturers.

5. Plus, It’s Available In A Wide Variety Of Sizes

Whether you drive a subcompact car, a midsize crossover, or a light truck, chances are there is a Blackhawk HH11 for your vehicle. The Blackhawk website lists no fewer than 46 different varieties of the HH11, made for wheels as small as 13 inches in diameter and as large as 18 inches, with a range of speed ratings all the way up to 168 mph (270 kph). You could spend one-and-a-half to two times as much trying to get the same performance from a tire from one of the more established brands. With four tires, that extra cost adds up quick.

Ready to check out the Blackhawk HH11 for yourself? Follow this link if you’re in the US, or this one if you’re in Canada, to get the low-down on Blackhawk’s exceptionally solid, full-featured all-season HH11 for yourself.

AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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